Mully surprises, praises Steph for breaking Wilt's record

Chris Mullin

Steph Curry received a Hall of Fame surprise Monday night.

Warriors legend and NBC Sports Bay Area analyst Chris Mullin attended Curry's postgame video conference after the two-time NBA MVP broke the Warriors' franchise scoring record, congratulating Curry on the milestone. 

"On [behalf] of all the former players you put in your rearview mirror, I want to congratulate you on becoming the Warriors' franchise all-time leading scorer," Mullin told Curry after the Warriors' win over the Denver Nuggets at Chase Center. "Just an amazing accomplishment and milestone, one of many you've already accomplished in your NBA historic career. But yet, passing Wilt Chamberlain is just an amazing milestone.

"I've watched you from Day 1, and it's just been a pleasure and a joy to watch you. So congratulations, of course, but more importantly, I want to thank you for the way you've done it. The things you're able to do on the basketball court, your work ethic, your discipline and your dedication is unmatched. Your fitness is level, which just takes time, and true leadership. Your appreciation of your teammates -- you bring so much joy and happiness to the world. It's so appreciated. So I just want to say thank you for that.

"And probably maybe more importantly, Steph: Your humility, your integrity, your class and your grace -- the way you carry yourself on and off the court -- [makes you] a true role model for young and old. So really, just wanna say congratulations and thank you for being you, Steph Curry."


Curry, touched by Mullin's words and gesture, thanked him effusively.

"You don't know how much that means, man," Curry replied. "I appreciate you for the acknowledgment. And obviously, when you get respect from people who have walked the same hallways, and taken the same court and understand the ups and downs of what this league is about, that respect means so much to me, my family. And I appreciate that.

"I'm happy to represent everyone that's worn this uniform, the guys that are in the rafters like yourself and ... it's crazy. It's crazy to know what tonight meant, so I appreciate that, Mully. More than you know."

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It won't be long after Curry's eventual retirement before his No. 30 joins Mullin's No. 17 in the Chase Center rafters. In the meantime, Curry will create additional distance between himself and every other Warrior on the franchise's all-time list.

It's a fitting distinction for Curry, whose own meteoric rise propelled the Warriors to new heights. The franchise was no stranger to greatness before Curry's arrival in 2009, as evidenced by Chamberlain and Mullin's own careers in the uniform.

Curry's tops them all. Now, fittingly, he stands alone.

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