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Chris Paul was fantastic in Game 6 of the Warriors-Rockets NBA playoff second-round series.

The Rockets guard recorded 27 points on 11-of-19 shooting, with 11 rebounds and six assists. But it wasn't enough as Houston's season came to an end with a 118-113 loss.

After the game, we learned an incredible story that certainly doesn’t look good for CP3.

Marcus Thompson of The Athletic has the details:

On the eve of Friday’s Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals, (Steph) Curry wanted to get some shots up at the Toyota Center. The Warriors do-it-all manager Eric Housen booked the court, from 7 to 8 p.m., so Curry could work on his shot.

Somehow, Rockets guard Chris Paul got wind. He decided to go to the Toyota Center to get shots up, nixing Curry’s reservations. The Warriors’ point guard offered to stick to half a court but Paul wasn’t having it. Curry was kicked off the Toyota Center court.

This is ...

... unbelievable.

Does it get any pettier than this?

And it's why Curry yelled “Kick me off the court again, boy!” as he celebrated the Game 6 victory with Draymond Green just outside the Warriors' locker room.

Paul is an incredible basketball player and one of the best point guards of all time. But it's hard to watch him play because of all of his antics and flopping.

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So on second thought, it's actually believable that Paul would have done something like kick Curry off the court the night before a game.

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