CJ McCollum, Skip Bayless get in Twitter beef over Kawhi Leonard hate

CJ McCollum, Skip Bayless get in Twitter beef over Kawhi Leonard hate

Fox Sports blowhard Skip Bayless must have been bored over the weekend because he decided to take out his anger on Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard.

Shortly after the Raptors eliminated the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals Saturday night, Bayless sent this tweet regarding Leonard.

Bayless is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, and clearly isn't happy Leonard was traded away last summer.

Bayless' tweet caught the attention of Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum.

Ol’ Skip couldn't let McCollum's tweet go without a response, but he did it without sending the message directly to him. Instead, Bayless used it as a shameless promo for his show.

No problem, though. McCollum saw the tweet and made sure to point out that Bayless, a longtime newspaper columnist, spelled his name wrong.

Bayless appears to be bad with names since he continues to refer to Leonard as "No. 2." 

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We'll find out what Bayless has to say Monday morning. If he had any guts, he'd invite McCollum on his show and let the Blazers guard respond. But we all know Bayless won't do that because he'd lose any and all arguments with Leonard now in the NBA Finals against the Warriors.

Six under-radar free agents Warriors could pursue signing in offseason

Six under-radar free agents Warriors could pursue signing in offseason

The Warriors need to shore up their depth at key positions if they intend to make a run at the NBA title next season.

If Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are healthy next season, the front office will have to mix and match with what they already have filling out the roster, bringing in new additions with limited money to spend.The Warriors will only have the taxpayer mid-level exception and minimum contracts at their disposal to hand out to unrestricted free agents.

We already examined the guards, wings and big men who clearly could interest the Warriors. But what about the free agents who might not immediately catch your eye?

With limited salary-cap room at their disposal, perhaps those are the exact type of players the Warriors should pursue.


NBA rumors: Warriors wouldn't have let Steph Curry play in Orlando

NBA rumors: Warriors wouldn't have let Steph Curry play in Orlando

The NBA reportedly is considering creating a second "bubble" in Chicago for the eight teams that were not included in the Orlando bubble as part of the league's expanded playoff format. Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Thursday that Golden State potentially would participate, despite coach Steve Kerr previously insisting that the Dubs would not be interested in such a setup.

It remains to be seen if the second bubble actually will take place, but even if it does, it sure seems like you won't be seeing Steph Curry play in it. ESPN's Jackie MacMullan reported he wouldn't have played in Orlando had the Warriors qualified, and it begs the question as to why Chicago would be any different.

"I was told unequivocally by people at Golden State," MacMullan said Thursday on the "Hoop Collective" podcast, "if Golden State came back (to play in Orlando) they weren't gonna let Steph Curry step foot on the floor."

"The reason they were worried about Steph Curry," MacMullan added, "was because they didn't feel that he had played enough to come back."

So, there you have it. The Warriors arguably would have very little to gain from participating in the Chicago bubble, and given that there is no championship at stake -- like there is in Orlando -- Golden State doesn't have much motivation to send its star veteran players, especially those that are returning from injury.

Curry played in precisely one of the Warriors' final 61 games before the season was paused due to the coronavirus pandemic after returning from a broken wrist. And if he isn't going to play, you can bet Klay Thompson -- who would be returning from a torn ACL -- won't either.

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Draymond Green previously said that he would have played in Orlando, but if the Splash Brothers are out, why would Golden State risk the health of the other remaining piece of its championship core?

The Warriors need to find a way to stay in basketball shape and continue developing chemistry over what is going to be an extremely long layoff before the start of next season. But if Curry, Thompson and Green aren't involved, then that kind of ruins the whole point.

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