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Back in late August, Knicks legend Clyde Frazier created some headlines because of some comments he made about Kevin Durant.

“Durant, as great a player he is, I would still hold back because man, he joined a team that really didn’t need him," the Hall of Famer said on SiriusXM NBA Radio. "He’s right there with LeBron -- probably would’ve surpassed LeBron as the best player in the game soon -- but for him doing that I still don’t give him the full credit that he probably would’ve deserved if he stayed with OKC and won a title with that team.”

And when it comes to Frazier's top players of all-time, Durant is "gonna be down the list for me because of that. There will be an asterisk by his name.”

On Tuesday, Frazier told Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News that he "meant no disrespect." Frazier also believes that the narrative surrounding Durant would completely change if the two-time Finals MVP were to win a title with the Knicks.


“I think that’s what he needs. Especially if the Warriors win this year, I think he’d be looking for a different challenge,” Frazier told the News. “I don’t know a better place than New York where he can do it.

"Where else could he go to get what he’s looking for, to be the best in the game? If he could bring a title to New York, that’s going to catapult him with Jordan and LeBron, I would think.”

Frazier -- the current Knicks TV analyst -- will see Durant up close and personal on Tuesday night at Oracle Arena.

When the Warriors played the Knicks in New York back in October, Durant scored 25 of his 41 points in the fourth quarter, en route to a 128-100 Warriors victory.

Let's see what KD has on tap for an encore.

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