Maggette believes Steph has separated himself as all-time great


Steph Curry, the greatest shooter in NBA history, likely will go down as one of the best to have ever played basketball.

Having already broken Ray Allen's all-time 3-point record, Curry will continue adding to a résumé that already contains two NBA MVP awards, three NBA championships, seven All-Star selections and countless other accolades.

Curry was the No. 7 overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, and not even then was he expected to accomplish just a fraction of what he has in his 13-year career. During the early years of his career, Curry sustained numerous ankle injuries that hampered his growth. There even was some doubt as to whether he'd be able to have a career at all.

Former Warriors teammate Corey Maggette joined Grant Liffmann on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast, where he discussed how proud he is of the superstar Curry has developed into and the obstacles he has overcome.

"For me, just looking back at the player he has become," Maggette said. "I'm just truly proud of him. I'm proud of his work ethic, I'm proud of the drive, I'm proud of the perseverance. Because there was a time that, basically, the Golden State Warriors were going to give up on Steph because of the ankle injury. The fact is, Steph had to really battle that mentally as a player. I remember going to physical therapy with Steph at the time early on in his career when he had those ankle issues.


"He wasn't quite sure, he wasn't sure about whether he would be able to continue to play with his ankle injuries. But man, you just have to give him a lot of credit, I know he's a man of faith, a man to have faith in Jesus Christ to be able to keep battling through and have faith in his family and the people around him to be in a position where he's the greatest shooter to ever play of all time."

Curry is widely accepted as the greatest shooter in NBA history, but is he more than that? Will Steph eventually be known as one of the greatest players in the history of the game if he already is not?

"I believe so," Maggette said. "Again, he's not just a 3-point shooter. The thing about it that separates Steph Curry from everyone else is that not only does he shoot the ball, but he shoots the ball when there's a defender in his face. The amount and the distance where he can shoot the ball. The thing about it is that he understands that if he can get to the basket first and he can create space and he can utilize his teammates, as far as being able to come off screens, and to be constantly able to move without the basketball, that's going to separate me from everyone else.

"That's something he took a page out of Ray Allen's playbook, he took a page out of Reggie Miller's playbook and then he established his own playbook, and that's where I feel like he's not just the greatest shooter. This guy can be considered [among] the top-five greatest players of all time because of the way he's changed the game. You have to be a trend-setter in the league. Steph Curry is a trend-setter."

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Curry's rise to NBA superstardom has been nothing short of incredible to watch. Hopefully, No. 30 has many more years left in him.

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