NBA commissioner Adam Silver expects the league's hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic to last at least 30 days.

Warriors forward Draymond Green expects the wait to be even longer than that -- perhaps significantly so.

Green has heard the prognostications about when the NBA season might resume, but in a recent interview with The Athletic's Marcus Thompson, the former Defensive Player of the Year intimated he doesn't expect to be back out on the court anytime soon, despite how badly he would like to be.

"The only way I think they allow the season to start back up,” Green said, "is if they come out with some stuff to say, ‘It’s not as bad as we thought,' or if they find some kind of cure. Because otherwise, if they start the season back up and then somebody else catches it, then what? You can’t just quarantine a few guys for some days and then start it all back up. That s--t ain’t going to work."

Green has a great point. Another NBA player testing positive weeks down the line is the precise situation the league is trying to avoid by instituting the current suspension. If that situation were to play out, there's no telling how long the resulting extended hiatus would last.

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Health officials estimate that it will take between 12 to 18 months to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, so you can throw that "cure" possibility right out the window. Ultimately, the only thing that will bring an end to the season suspension is the passage of time.

And as Green reasoned, we should be prepared to wait.