Lillard declares Steph the greatest shooter in NBA history

Steph Curry Damian Lillard whispers

Damian Lillard put forth another incredible performance Tuesday night.

The Portland Trail Blazers star racked up 50 points on an other-worldly efficient 13-for-20 shooting overall, 6-for-13 from deep and 18-for-18 from the free throw line.

Dame scored 20 points in the fourth quarter, and drilled four free throws in the final 5.2 seconds to lift his squad past the New Orleans Pelicans.

Shaquille O'Neal after the game asked Lillard to tell all the little kids out there how he has become such a lethal shooter. And the Oakland native used the question as an opportunity to give Steph Curry a shoutout.

"It's just putting a lot of time into it," Lillard said. "Obviously we think of Steph Curry first when he think of shooters -- the greatest shooter to ever play in our league. But he'll tell you the same thing -- it's a lot of reps.

"Whether people are watching or whether you get credit for it or not, you put the time in. And you do it at a game pace, you do it with focus, you do it while you're holding yourself to a certain standard.

"Make 10 in a row at each spot at the end of your workout when you're tired and you probably don't want to do it. Things like that over and over and over and over. You get better from the reps.

"Moreso than just physically, you get better mentally and more confident because you've done it so often. Then in the moments -- end of the game, first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, a tough shot, an easy shot -- you got the ultimate confidence that it's gonna go in.


"And I think confidence is the biggest thing for shooters, right next to getting the reps in and knowing in your heart that you didn't cheat. You put the time in and you deserve to make those shots.

"And you expect that result."

Now that is an awesome, awesome answer from the six-time NBA All-Star.

Steph and Dame have a "rivalry" going, and each guy firmly believes he is better than the other. But the mutual respect is very strong, and it's not fake or petty.

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