Dame weighs in on Steph, all-time NBA point guard debate


Where does Steph Curry fall in the rankings of all-time NBA point guards?

The list has been a hot-button topic across the NBA landscape this week after Washington Wizards coach Scott Broks proclaimed Russell Westbrook the second-best point guard ever.

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard weighed in on Curry, Magic Johnson and some of the other greats to play the position.

"Steph has two MVPs, a unanimous MVP, back-to-back titles, three total titles, the resume is there. So I think if you asked 10 people, seven of them or eight of them would probably come back and say Steph is right behind Magic in the way he has changed the game and the excitement with his style of play," Lillard told Dan Patrick on Thursday.

While Lillard says a majority of people would rank Steph second behind Magic Johnson, he gave a firm answer to Patrick that he believes there currently isn't a point guard in the NBA better than him.

The comparisons between Lillard and Steph have been incessant in recent years, as they are two of the most electrifying scorers in the NBA.

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There also have been debates about whether Steph and Dame even are true point guards, as former NBA player Rashad Phillips released his top five point guards list Friday, with no mention of either Curry or Lillard.


Gary Payton also said on the Dubs Talk Podcast that he doesn't believe Curry is a point guard, but rather a "two-guard" and a "scorer."

However you rank them, Steph and Dame are two of the NBA's most fun players to watch.

If the two happened to face off in the upcoming play-in tournament, it would be must-see TV.

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