Lee reveals Warriors' biggest non-Draymond trash-talkers


Draymond Green is one of the more well-known trash talkers in the NBA. He brings fury and passion to every game, and many times will let the other team know it too. 

After Green, however, this new Warriors squad is not particularly known for throwing words or gestures at their opponents. 

According to Warriors guard Damion Lee, while "everyone has their own thing that they do," as he quickly references Steph Curry and his famous shimmy, there are a few under-the-radar trash talkers that make their presence felt.

"Marquese [Chriss] can definitely get the trash talk going," Lee said on the latest episode of the "Dubs Talk" podcast. "Normally you guys see him, he's happy, smiling out there, but yeah, Quese is probably up there."

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Lee was quick to point out that Chriss is not the only one at the top of the list, there is another young teammate that likes to speak up.

"[Eric Paschall] is a very, very underrated trash talker," Lee declared. "If he hits a big shot, or scores on someone, he might flex, might [call out] 'little boy' and 'you're food.'" 

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When asked if there are players that he wished would talk a little more to their opponent, Lee could not think of a teammate that did not have his own brand of trash talking. In fact, for some Warriors that are known for being low key and subdued, they still have that edge to them on the court.


"People say that [Andrew Wiggins] is silent and quiet, but there is sometimes where he gets it going, he'll score, and he will say something slick. Literally like a one-on-one thing, and he'll just say it real quick and go about his day," Lee said laughing.

Lee emphasized that every Warrior has their own unique way of expressing themselves on the court, and all have that mean streak somewhere inside of them. They all just show it in different ways.

"Kelly [Oubre] will more like, blow a kiss at someone," Lee said.