Daryl Morey likes tweet saying Steve Kerr couldn't play in NBA today


Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey just created another headline because of his social-media activity.

On Tuesday, it was an Instagram comment regarding Warriors fans. And on Friday afternoon, he liked the following tweet:

It's important to note that the like doesn't necessarily mean he completely agrees with the claim that Golden State's coach would have "zero chance" of cracking an NBA roster in 2020.

After all, when it comes to career 3-point shooting, Steve Kerr is No. 1 all time at 45.4 percent.

And while it's true that his specialty was the ability to make shots from deep, Kerr's leadership is something every team would want in its locker room.

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Additionally, who's to say that Kerr would have been the exact same player today as he was from 1988 to 2003? Growing up in a different time period would have created a different skill set. This is why it's nearly impossible to compare eras.

But let's go back to the content of the tweet for a second.

The Rockets shoot more 3-pointers than anybody in the NBA, and most of their guys are "3-point specialists" offensively. Yes, they are taller and more athletic than Kerr, providing more versatility -- specifically on the defensive end.


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But the idea of "specialist" can be subjective and mean different things to different rosters.

So there is some ambiguity here, which is very fitting for Twitter.

Also: Russell Westbrook is one of Houston's stars and he shot 25.4 percent from beyond the arc this season.

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