Kings' Fox describes how it's like 'hell' guarding Steph

Steph Curry and De'Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox doesn’t hold back when talking hoops.

He recently joined Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on their All The Smoke podcast (NSFW language) to discuss what it’s like to play against Steph Curry.

“Guarding him is like hell,” Fox said. “They don’t really … I mean, they run a few plays, but if Steph [doesn’t] have the ball, the person who’s got the ball is looking for Steph.”

“He [doesn’t stop], at all. And if he starts walking, you know he’s about to take off. And catching him right after 60 [points]? I was like, yo, don’t let that s*** happen to us.”

The Warriors rolled past the Kings with a 137-106 victory on Jan. 4, a day after Curry set his career high with 62 points against the Portland Trail Blazers. Curry settled for 30 points in 31 minutes, while Fox scored 18 and dished out seven assists.

“Every game, he’s a threat to get 50 [points], though,” Fox said. “Every game.”

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But Fox said the Warriors with Kevin Durant were the most unguardable version of the Dubs.

“Playing them two years ago when they had KD?,” Fox said. “ Hey, that’s the worst feeling ever. That was the worst s*** ever. 

“If you play your best against that team, they still have to play bad for you to win that game. The way those dudes were in the clutch -- obviously having Klay, Steph and KD, man. We’re playing great and it felt like it was impossible to beat them.”


The Kings and Warriors aren’t slated to face each other again in the first half of the regular season, which runs until March 4. But Fox will have to try and contain Curry again the second half when these two Northern California squads square off.


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