Spurs' Murray shouts out Steph for autographed Dubs jersey


Steph Curry not only is a phenomenal basketball player, but he’s also a great dude too.

He sent a signed Warriors jersey of his own to San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray, saying “sky’s the limit” and to “keep going.”

Murray wrote in his Instagram story Wednesday that Steph was “a real one and a legend forever.”

Murray made his presence known during the two-game stint against Steph and the Warriors recently, hitting a dagger 3-pointer in the Spurs' win on Monday. Following the two games, Murray showered Steph with praise, saying you can't let up when you're sharing the court with Steph. Ever.

“You’ve got to communicate for 48 minutes of a basketball game,” Murray said (h/t San Antonio Express-News). “With Stephen Curry, you’ve got to be aware of him. But the rest of the team is cutting, setting screens, getting themselves open.”

Steph's also playing some of the best basketball of his career, averaging 29.6 points per game. 

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Murray’s teammate, DeMar DeRozan, said the Spurs had just finished playing “one of the greatest humans of all time.”

Along with playing incredible basketball, Steph also managed to make time to sign a jersey and give it to a rising star in the game.


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