DeMarcus Cousins explains why he flipped off Warriors fans with Kings


DeMarcus Cousins explains why he flipped off Warriors fans with Kings

DeMarcus Cousins knows all too well that fans can cross the line. 

In the wake of a Utah Jazz fan harassing Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook earlier this month, the Warriors center said an incident in his current home came to mind.

Back in 2017, Cousins was a star for the Kings and was fined $25,000 for flipping off Warriors fans and yelling "F--- Golden State" after a Sacramento win at Golden 1 Center.

Cousins told Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes that the traveling fans pushed him to a breaking point. 

“It’s crazy. I remember the whole incident with the whole ‘F--- Golden State’ thing,” Cousins said. “I remember specifically those fans talking crazy to me the entire game, and then I come out the game and it’s those same exact fans. And I knew they were Golden State fans, so I said what I said.

"I talked to the league. I’m like, ‘Such and such and such was said. I was getting called [a] b---- and all this other stuff, punk boys, whatever.’ But they was like, ‘All right, but you flipped them off.’ I’m pretty sure them dudes are still enjoying games [today]. So it’s like I’m the bad guy because I react?”

In the same interview, Cousins said fans have directed racial slurs towards him "on a few occasions," and the NBA had told him to ignore the fans. On March 12, the league fined Russell Westbrook $25,000 for "directing profanity and threatening language" at a Jazz fan. Westbrook said the fan's taunts were "racial," and the Jazz banned the fan from all events at Vivint Smart Home Arena. 

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Cousins said Westbrook's experience raised awareness about interactions that he thinks are all-too-common in NBA arenas. But that doesn't mean he understands why fans end up crossing the line. 

“I think it kind of went viral with the whole Russ thing,” Cousins said. “I’m sure that played a part in it. He’s had multiple instances in that same city. You even got the one clip of the guy flipping Russ off. Like, when does the game get that serious for a fan? Why are you that angry? This dude is literally out there putting a ball through a hoop. How do you get that angry?"

Ex-Warriors exec Jerry West explains why Clippers are best organization

Ex-Warriors exec Jerry West explains why Clippers are best organization

Jerry West joined the Warriors as an Executive Board member in May 2011, and his time with the franchise came to an end after the Dubs won the title in June 2017.

He immediately joined the Clippers' front office, and during his introductory press conference in LA he said he did not want to leave Golden State and that he thought he would never work anywhere else again.

The Hall of Famer was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday, and made some interesting comments:

"One of the things I enjoy about being here -- and obviously this is gonna be my final stop in my basketball life -- is [Clippers owner] Steve Ballmer has really put together an unbelievably terrific organization. He has spared no expense.

"It's a really fun place to be. It's not ego-driven at all. He's got an awful lot of basketball people over there and I'm just happy to be such a small part of it.

"He's willing to spend on players, he's willing to spend on personnel within the front office. I've never been around any organization that's better than this one that's for sure."

Wow. Strong words from The Logo.

Shortly after West -- who reportedly is making between $4 and $5 million annually -- joined the Clippers, The Athletic's Sam Amick (who was with USA Today Sports at the time) said the following on The Ringer NBA Show Podcast:

"They didn't want to pay him as much as the Clippers did. It got a little messy at the end. They all tried to keep it under wraps a little bit. Jerry's been a little bit outspoken.

"This Warriors thing -- that was a painful ending ... he wanted to be back with the Warriors. I was definitely told that he was extremely disappointed with how that ended."

You can do the math.

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Finally, West doesn't want any credit for the Clippers landing Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

"Oh no. Not at all. I should get very little at all," he said. "I've gotten far too much credit in my life ... I just had a voice. Our front office is really terrific.

"They were really on top of this thing the whole way."

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Anonymous Western Conference GM offers odd critique of Klay Thompson

Anonymous Western Conference GM offers odd critique of Klay Thompson

Now that the NBA's free-agency frenzy is over, all that's left is to see why teams made massive financial mistakes, and which secured their future by ponying up the big bucks for some star hoopers.

An unheard-of amount of cash was doled out once free agency opened, with a number of players being given max contracts for their services.

While most signings can be critiqued in one form or another, you'd expect most people would be on board with the Warriors' decision to give Klay Thompson the five-year, $190 million max contract. After all, if the Dubs had tried to offer the All-Star shooting guard a lighter contract, there were reports suggesting Thompson would shop his services around. 

Plus, the backcourt of Thompson and Steph Curry has been the most prolific shooting tandem in NBA history, so keeping that together had to be high on the Warriors' priority list.

But apparently, not everyone shares the thought that Thompson is a no-brainer max player.

Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher spoke with executives and scouts from around the league on the various players who were given max contracts this summer, and one Western Conference general manager apparently doesn't like how Thompson ... focuses on playing basketball?

"He's a good player, but he's not a leader," the Western Conference GM told Bucher about Thompson. "He just shows up and hoops."

Is this a gag quote?

First of all, Thompson is one of the most universally respected players in the NBA, and if you don't think watching the star gut through countless injuries -- including trying to play on a torn ACL in the NBA Finals -- is leadership then I shudder to think of what this GM's roster looks like. 

And yes, Thompson "just shows up and hoops." He gives you no distractions or headaches. He is an ultimate Warrior who truly loves to play the game of basketball.

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That should be exactly what you want from a max player.