Did Draymond troll LeBron? 'Y'all shot and y'all missed!!!'

On the same day Twitter rolled out a 280 character limit, Warriors star Draymond Green managed to steal the social media spotlight. 

Draymond posted a picture of himself on Instagram Tuesday morning, using a conspicuously similar caption as LeBron James' post from the previous evening, which many believed was in reference to Kyrie Irving and the Celtics beating the Hawks. 

In the age of Banana Boats, snake-in-the-grass emoji, and considering the pair's social media history, that led some to believe that Green was once again trolling his good friend. 

He emphatically denied that was the case in a series of Twitter posts Tuesday afternoon, writing that if he really was going after LeBron, he'd be the first to say it. 

After all, Draymond usually puts any Cavs-related barbs on a t-shirt.