Warriors fans are going to love JJ Redick for this one.

The New Orleans Pelicans guard had ESPN's Bomani Jones as the guest on his podcast, shortly after Jones implied that Steph Curry wasn't a superstar but rather the "greatest system player ever."

Here's how the conversation went: 

Jones: "People got mad at me because I was saying Steph Curry -- he's not on my list of guys to go get his own shot. Guys that go 1-4 flat and get us a bucket -- I'll take Dame (Damian Lillard), I'll take Kyrie (Irving). If I need somebody to turn 5-on-5 into 4-on-3, I'll take Steph ... JJ looks like he's about to jump through the screen (laughter)."

Redick: "The amount of disrespect that Steph Curry gets -- it blows my mind (laughter). It blows my mind. It blows my mind ... he creates off the dribble all the time."

Jones: "I'm not saying he doesn't create off the dribble. But 10 (seconds) left on the shot clock -- we gotta get this bucket right here -- I feel like if you switch Kevin Love onto Dame Lillard, Dame Lillard is gonna wind up getting a bucket. And I know that's like the most extreme example we can point to ...

"His handle is sick and all of this stuff, but if I need that one bucket, I'm asking Kyrie to get me that bucket before. I would never say that Kyrie is a better player than Steph. That would be absurd."


Redick: "What if that shot against Kevin Love went in? We've seen him make that shot hundreds of times. You're talking about one possession as your evidence that he can't get his own shot (laughter). That's crazy to me."

Yes, it is quite crazy.

Jones and Redick joined in on the fun on Twitter:

Basketball fans are aware that the aforementioned Steph shot against Love came in the final minute of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The two-time NBA MVP (who wasn't at full strength) missed the game-tying 3-point attempt, and certain people still clearly hold it against him today.

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Don't ever forget what Steph said in August 2018, about two months after he set an NBA Finals single-game record for 3-pointers with nine.

In case you need a refresher on why Warriors/Steph fans get mad at Jones, the answer is pretty simple.

"If you tell me that you have Kevin Durant, you have a chance to win the championship. If you tell me you have Kawhi Leonard, my immediate response is, 'You have a chance to win a championship.' And the same with LeBron [James and Giannis Antetokounmpo]. You tell me you got Steph -- I want you to tell me a little bit more," he said Thursday on his "The Right Time With Bomani Jones" podcast. "My only problem with Steph though -- this is a big problem -- getting his own shot. He can get his own shot if he shoots it from 40 (feet). 

"He's got sick handle and all that stuff. There's something different. It's hard to explain what it is with Steph, but Steph is somehow like the greatest system player of all time. And I'm not saying that to shade him. But you are not going 1-4 flat and being like, 'Get us a bucket.' "

But he used this explanation as rationale to imply the three-time NBA champion is (or was) not a superstar. And that just is plain silly.

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Steph sent out a not-so-cryptic tweet Saturday in response to the comments, and former Warriors forward Andre Iguodala came to his defense Sunday.

We, of course, will let you know if another layer to this story emerges.

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