Draymond gets All-Star news from mom: 'Had to keep from crying'


Draymond gets All-Star news from mom: 'Had to keep from crying'

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Draymond Green thought, for the briefest of moments, he was hearing things, that his mother’s voice was in his head because surely she was not in his presence.

But Mary Babers-Green was indeed on the talkback line, and hers was the voice the Warriors' power forward heard Thursday afternoon, telling Draymond he had been named to the Western Conference All-Star team.

“I had to keep from crying,” Green said on a post-announcement conference call.

The 6-foot-7 forward is making his first All-Star appearance. Green and teammate Klay Thompson were selected among the seven reserves by a vote of coaches within the conference.

“It means a lot,” Green said Thursday on SportsTalk Live on CSN Bay Area. “Getting voted in as a starter would have been great, but when you’re talking getting voted in by the coaches . . . I love that. That’s even better. That’s (from) your peers. You’re playing against them, so that means they have some respect for what you do.”

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Green, taken in the second round (35th overall) of the 2012 draft, is making his first appearance in the All-Star Game. His selection was expected – many believe he should have been a starter – insofar as he leads the NBA in triple-doubles (eight).

Moreover, Green consistently exudes energy in all pertinent ways – mental, physical and emotional. He is a “glue guy” supreme, precisely the type of player any coach would want on his team.

There has been no indication of complacency after Green last July signed a five-year extension worth $82 million. The 25-year-old has only gotten better and has become an irreplaceable part of a team winning at a historical pace.

“I’ve never played this game for individual success or for money,” Green said. “I play this game because I want to win championships. And you can never win enough of those. So until then, I’ll continue to have my edge and go hard every night.“

Green is averaging 14.5 points, third among the Warriors, while leading team in rebounds (9.4) and assists (7.2). He’ll join teammates Thompson and Steph Curry – Curry was named a starter by vote of fans – in Toronto for the festivities Feb. 12-14.

"I’m just looking forward to being a part of it. I’ve never been to an All-Star Weekend, so this is my first one. What a great time and opportunity to be going. What a great reason to be going. I’m looking forward to that.”

Warriors' Draymond Green explains why he doesn't miss basketball now

Warriors' Draymond Green explains why he doesn't miss basketball now

Draymond Green last played in an NBA game Feb. 27. And he was on the court only for 10 minutes because he was ejected in the second quarter.

The Warriors forward last registered at least 30 minutes of playing time Feb. 12, which was Golden State's final game before the All-Star break.

As you know, the Dubs are not playing in the Orlando bubble. And it's highly unlikely they participate either in a second bubble in Chicago or in a team minicamp at Chase Center.

So what has it been like for Draymond with nothing to do basketball wise?

"Honestly, it's been great," he told Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson on "The Steam Room" podcast. "I've had a lot of fun spending time with my family. I've gotten to know my fiancée better. I've gotten to know my kids better. That's been amazing.

"From a basketball standpoint -- I gotta be honest with you -- I don't necessarily miss playing basketball, because it's been such a long run that my body could use the break.

"But what I miss is competing at the highest level. The playoff basketball, playing in the Finals -- I miss that. Being able to compete at the highest level against the best players in the world."

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You can't blame the three-time NBA champion for wanting an extended breather. From 2015 to 2019, he suited up for 104 of the Warriors' 105 playoff games (he was suspended for Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals), averaging 37.7 minutes per night.

Draymond has dealt with various ailments over the last couple of years, and needed to refresh his body and mind. He knows the Dubs still are months away from reconvening, and starting the quest to climb back to the top of the mountain.

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But don't get it twisted -- the 30-year-old is extremely motivated to be an All-Star again, and would love nothing more than to capture a fourth Larry O'Brien Trophy.

"When you go to the Finals, everybody is watching -- including the best basketball players in the world that (are not) in that game," he said. "That's always the most fun time to me, and I miss that."

If Draymond delivers on his personal goals, the Warriors just might get back to basketball's biggest stage in 2021.

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Why Warriors' Draymond Green is 'strongly against' second NBA bubble

Why Warriors' Draymond Green is 'strongly against' second NBA bubble

It sounds like the NBA will not be building a second bubble in Chicago for the eight teams who are not included in the 2019-20 season restart in Orlando.

And that is music to Draymond Green's ears.

The Warriors' star forward was a guest Wednesday on "The Steam Room" podcast, and he had a hilarious exchange with Charles Barkley.

Barkley: "Are you, Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson) getting ready for that second bubble right now? (laughter)"

Draymond: "Second bubble? What's that? (laughter) The Gus Macker Toilet Bowl -- that's what you want us to go play in? (laughter)"

Barkley: "When I heard them saying some of the other teams want to put together a second bubble, me and Dray were joking. I asked him last week, I said, 'Hey, when are you and Steph gonna get to that second bubble?' He said, 'Hell no!' "

Draymond: "No chance (laughter). No chance. No, at the end of the day -- if it came about and we had to go -- I'm not gonna opt out. I'm just not gonna do that. But I am strongly against Adam Silver and anyone else in the league office starting a second bubble.

"No one wants to see these teams. And by the way -- they don't want to see us if Steph and Klay ain't playing either (laughter). So what are we talking about?"

The original idea was for the Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons to scrimmage each other, and get practice time.

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Golden State coach Steve Kerr always preferred for his team to stay in the Bay Area, and hold a minicamp of sorts.

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Had that been approved by the NBA and NBPA -- and it appears it will not -- Draymond legitimtately would have taken the court.

But it never made sense for the three-time NBA champions to suit up against other teams, when really there wasn't anything to gain.

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