Draymond admits talks with NBA refs can get 'a bit wild'

Green, Warriors

Throughout his nine-year NBA career, Draymond Green has established himself as an elite defender and a key offensive facilitator while securing three NBA championships.

He also has established a reputation for interacting with referees.

Throughout his Warriors tenure, Green has always been Golden State's vocal leader. Whether you're a coach, teammate or opposing player, Green surely will let you know if he feels passionate about something you're doing.

That also applies to officials. Green has not been shy about the poor relationship between NBA players and referees, and he also hasn't shied away from letting an official have it every now and then. Green joined the latest episode of the "Dubs Talk" podcast and explained his mindset when it comes to working with the league's referees.

"It's different with different officials," Green said to NBC Sports Bay Area's Grant Liffmann and Kendra Andrews. "Some officials you can say a little more, some you can't say much at all. What I'm saying depends on the moment. It could be arguing a call, it could be a lot more than that, which I'll leave on the floor."

"I don't necessarily worry about it [too much]. I've shown I can get to 15 techs and be just fine," he added. "Those conversations tend to vary, but I'll leave them on the court, because some of them can get a bit wild."

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"A bit wild" is accurate, indeed. In 2021 alone, Green already has been ejected twice, including his infamous double technical against the Charlotte Hornets in February.


However, Green's passion often fuels his teammates, and he has built a reputation as an emotional leader in Golden State's franchise. 

Green is walking a fine line with the referees, but if there's one thing he's proved, it's that he is not afraid to let the officials know when he's unhappy. Expect that to continue, even more so, throughout the rest of his career. 

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