The Warriors' slogan the last few years was "Strength in Numbers."

Through two games, Draymond Green appears to be coining the slogan for this season: "We f---ing suck."

Put that on a T-shirt.

After the Warriors lost to the Thunder by 28 points Sunday, Green was asked about trying to motivate his teammates and turning around things.

"You want that and you hope that and you feel that way, but the reality is we're just not capable of doing that right now," Green told the media in Oklahoma City. "I would like to see us play harder. That'll help a little bit.

"The reality is we f---ing suck right now. Hopefully we'll get better. We'll continue working at it and try to get better, but we're just not that good right now.

"I don't know what better way to frame it for you. I can try in Spanish, but I ain't really good at Spanish. That's really the best way I can tell it to you right now."

In previous seasons, when the Warriors fell behind by 10 or 15 points, everyone watching knew they could erase that deficit in a matter of minutes. No lead was safe around those Warriors. But so far this season, once the Warriors get down by 10 or 15, you can sense there's no way they can climb back into the game.


Green was asked if that's a deflating feeling.

"I don't get deflated. It's basketball," Green told reporters. "You want to win, you do all you can to win, but it's basketball. I'm not about to get down in the dumps."

After the Warriors' opening-night loss to the Clippers, Green told the media that the Warriors "f---ing sucked."

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Until Green, Steph Curry and Steve Kerr figure out how to get the train back on the tracks, that phrase will be a common theme.

The Warriors' next chance to prove themselves comes Monday when they travel to New Orleans to face the Pelicans.

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