You may have read this obscure fact somewhere recently, but the Warriors have won three of the last four championships.

They are the favorites yet again, and seem built for championship contention for years to come. But things can change in an instant.

How will this run ultimately come to an end?

"Klay and Kevin are free agents next year. I'm a free agent in 2020. What decisions will we make? Let's wait and see," Draymond said to Sam Alipour of ESPN. "But if we stay together, only old age will get us -- and not anytime soon."

Klay has made it very clear that he wants to stay with Golden State beyond the season. Kevin Durant, meanwhile, is keeping his cards close to his vest and isn't making any public declarations about his future.

After the Warriors won the championship in 2015, Draymond signed a 5-year deal worth $82 million.

He will make about $17.5 million this year and about $18.5 million next year before he is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July 2020.

"I'm not sure how it plays out, but I think I'm in the best position out of everybody," Draymond declared. "Steph was up, now Klay and Kevin are up. That gives me the opportunity to see what everyone else does.

"And quite frankly, if I am the first to bounce, unless it's in 2020, it wouldn't be my decision. I can get traded. But I'm last. I should be the least of everyone's worries."


If the three-time All-Star is named Defensive Player of the Year or makes an All-NBA team this season, he will be eligible for the "Designated Veteran Extension" -- commonly referred to as the "super max" (which accounts for 35 percent of the salary cap in Year 1).

It's unclear if the Warriors would be willing to give Draymond that much money, and any decision is likely tied to what happens with Klay and/or Durant.

What is clear is that the 28-year old would love to retire as a Warrior.

"When you look around the league today, how many guys have been with one team? Kobe, Dirk, Duncan, Manu. It don't happen like that anymore," Draymond said. "That'd be amazing. But at the end of the day, it's a business.

"Let the cards fall how they may."

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller