Draymond calls out 'bozos' for criticizing passed-up layup

Draymond KD Team USA

Draymond Green recorded five points, four rebounds and four assists in Team USA's 120-66 win over Iran in the Tokyo Olympics late Monday night.

He also got a secondary assist on this play, where he passed out of a potential layup:

And when Phoenix Suns forward Mikal Bridges replied with a quote tweet, Draymond felt compelled to weigh in as well:

The full context is that Draymond, throughout the 2020-21 season, was criticized in all corners of the basketball world for not shooting the ball enough.

His scoring -- or lack thereof -- with the Warriors has been a hot topic of debate for a while now. So him turning down an open layup re-ignited the conversation.

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"We've seen Draymond shoot. He's capable," Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers said in late May. "We're not asking somebody to do something they haven't done.

"When we sat with him [during exit interviews], I said, 'Draymond, if you were me talking to yourself, what would you say?' And he said, 'Shoot the damn ball. I need you to score.'

"He doesn't want to be let off the hook for that. He's not that type of human being. He's not gonna run from it. It requires practice, it requires coming in with a new mindset. We're confident and he seems motivated."

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