The beef between Warriors forward Draymond Green and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley appears to be over. At least for now. 

After the Warriors' 115-86 win over the Rockets in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, Green joined the set of TNT's Inside the NBA to talk to the crew, including Barkley. Many expected fireworks after Barkley said earlier in the postseason that he wanted to punch Green in the face. 

Instead, it was of show of respect from two fierce competitors. 

“I apologize for saying I wanted to hit you in the mouth,” Barkley said on Saturday. “I was wrong for saying that.”

Barkley further explained his stance, showing admiration for Green.

"He know I think he a hell of a player, I've told him that," Barkley said. "I've never said anything bad about him. ...I've had people who have said to me, 'When you and Draymond see each other...' and I said, 'Dude, No. 1 we've bumped into each other a few times but we say hello and we move on.'"

Kenny Smith then asked Barkley why Green annoys him at times. 

"No. 1, he's never committed a foul," Barkley said, which Green laughed at. "That's pretty much it. ...I have no problem with the way he plays. I just said, sometimes when he starts yelling an screaming, or he doesn't admit he committed a foul, it drives me nuts. And I've said, he'd be a perfect player to play with, but annoying to play against." 


In response, Green showed humor and class. 

"To be honest with y'all, I don't think anyone of use in the NBA has committed a foul," Green said, getting a laugh back from Barkley. "No one likes when the referees call a foul on them, but I can get bad with that at times. And my mom always reminds me of it, my grandma always reminds me of it. my unlces is really hard on me about it -- so, I can understand that. 

"Nonetheless, it's much respect from my end." 

To keep the Warriors' season alive in Game 6, Green scored four points to go with 10 rebounds, nine assists, five blocks, and four steals. 

Game Result/Schedule
Game 1 Warriors 119, Rockets 106
Game 2 Rockets 127, Warriors 105
Game 3 Warriors 126, Rockets 85
Game 4 Rockets 95, Warriors 92
Game 5 Rockets 98, Warriors 94
Game 6 Warriors 115, Rockets 86
Game 7 Houston -- Monday, May 28th at 6pm