Draymond cites two reasons why he likely won't become coach

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When Warriors forward Draymond Green retires from the NBA, will he become a coach?

Kevin Durant asked the three-time NBA champion if he ever thinks about the coaching route.

"I think about it, and I don't think I will," Draymond said on KD's "The ETCs" podcast. "One -- the lack of competitiveness in players bothers me more than anything, and I don't know how I would handle that as a coach."

Any other reasons?

"When I'm done playing basketball, I don't know if I want to be on a basketball schedule," the three-time NBA All-Star said. "I've been on a basketball schedule my entire life.

"A coach's schedule -- they're in the gym as much as us, plus a bunch of film, plus this meeting [and] that meeting. Their schedule in some ways is more strenuous than ours."

It sure sounds like Draymond will go the broadcasting route, as he explained why he loves providing commentary on TV.

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"It's fun. I love it because it is very hard to turn on a TV nowadays and learn something about the game of basketball," he said. "I want you to turn on your TV and if I'm speaking, you can learn something about the game of basketball.

"It's such a beautiful game, but it's very delicate. And you can really f--k it up if handled incorrectly. And I'm watching so many people f--k our game up because they don't know the game of basketball.


"Too many people have voices that don't know s--t about the game. I hate that side of it."

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