Draymond critiques Wiseman, says he'll be 'force' eventually

James Wiseman Warriors yellow wrist

Draymond Green has incredibly high expectations for James Wiseman, and wants to see the rookie big man realize his potential.

But that doesn't mean the three-time NBA champion only is going to say overly positive things about the No. 2 overall pick in last year's NBA draft.

In fact, Draymond somewhat is going the other direction by giving his honest assessment of how the 7-footer needs to improve.

"As talented as James is, he made some plays earlier in the season that had all of us [scratching our heads]," Draymond told Bleacher Report's Scott Polacek. "It's just from his lack of experience.

"When you look at the play that he makes, it's never like, 'Man, why would he try to do that? He's not talented enough to do that.' It's like, 'Yo, slow down. Did you just see that guy coming from this way?' It's those things, which is all just a feel and him learning the NBA game."

The Warriors are hoping the learning curve gets expedited in the second half of the season, as they need Wiseman to grow in multiple areas.

"When James first got here, he didn't even know how to set a screen," Draymond said. "And when you think about that, that's kind of baffling that this kid is 7-foot-1 and doesn't know how to set a screen. But then you have to rewind a little bit and take a step back and say, 'Well, he can dribble the ball and he can shoot. He's faster than just about everyone in the NBA now, so I can only imagine how much faster he was in high school. He's more athletic than all of those guys. Who did he ever have to screen for?' 


"So when you start to put it in those terms, you realize how much he doesn't know and how exciting that is ... when he starts to learn all of these little tricks and trades and the little nuances that we have the pleasure of knowing due to our experience -- when he starts to pick up on those things -- good luck.

"Because he's going to be a force to be reckoned with in this league for a very long time."

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If Wiseman -- who reportedly is expected to play Thursday night vs. the LA Clippers after missing a COVID-19 test over the All-Star break -- is able to take multiple steps forward in the coming weeks, it will go a long way towards the Warriors potentially grabbing a top-six seed in the Western Conference playoffs.

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