Draymond Green expects hell to break loose when DeMarcus Cousins debuts

Draymond Green expects hell to break loose when DeMarcus Cousins debuts

When asked about DeMarcus Cousins' impending Warriors debut, Draymond Green issued a concise warning to the rest of the NBA.

"All hell about to break loose," Green told NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke after the Warriors' 147-140 win over the New Orleans Pelicans. "So, it's gonna be fun."

While Cousins' new teammate was concise, his old running mate offered plenty of insight into what the All-Star center can bring to the Warriors' lineup. Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis said Cousins, who spent parts of two seasons in New Orleans, could fundamentally change Golden State's offense. 

"His post presence. They don't really have a guy who plays in the post, so it'll be tough when they throw in [to] the post," Davis told reporters at Oracle Arena. "They like to run split-action and stuff like that, so now when they throw it into him they're still running that. They look for their guys for 3s, or he can try to go score.

“He definitely brings a dynamic to the team that you haven't really seen in years from the Warriors. It's gonna be fun to watch."

Davis and everyone else will have their first chance to do so when the Warriors play the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday. 

Five best products for Warriors fans to purchase on Amazon Prime Day

Five best products for Warriors fans to purchase on Amazon Prime Day

It's Amazon Prime Day, so it's time to get in on those great deals.

In light of losing the 2019 NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors and all the changes to the roster, Warriors fans might need some retail therapy.

So, we picked out five Amazon Prime items Warriors fans could use right now:

1. Steph Curry Swimming Pool Floaty

As you pass the time until the 2019-20 season starts, you're going to be spending a lot of time in pool. This is the most stylish accessory you can bring to the Splash Party. (Yes, we aware it looks nothing like Steph.)

2. Keep Calm and Curry On t-shirt

With Kevin Durant leaving for Brooklyn, it's time to put all your eggs back in the Curry basket. This is the perfect shirt to help you remember that everything will be fine as long as Curry is on the Warriors.

3. Warriors' NBA championship DVD set

Let's be honest with ourselves: The Warriors are going to take a step back next season. Until Klay Thompson returns from his torn ACL, the defense won't be that good. If the games become tough to watch, you can just pop these DVDs in and remember better times.

4. Andre Iguodala's book "The Sixth Man"

The Warriors wouldn't have won three NBA titles over the last five years without Iguodala. He was as vital as Curry and Durant to the team's success. The best way to remember all that the 2015 NBA Finals contributed to the run is by reading his memoir.

5. Marcus Thompson's book on Kevin Durant

Warriors fans, we know you're still hurting from KD's departure. But we should be grateful that he spent three years playing in The Town. You can pass the time this summer by reading about what Durant put into his chase for glory.

Bob Myers expecting excitement, novelty from youth-infused Warriors

Bob Myers expecting excitement, novelty from youth-infused Warriors

To be determined. Young. Hungry. Fresh. Those are the words Bob Myers used to describe the revamped Warriors' identity in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke on Monday.

Golden State has eight new players on its roster. One of the holdovers, Klay Thompson, is expected to miss a large portion of next season while recovering from a torn ACL suffered in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Consequently, the Warriors' general manager and president of basketball operations is depending on several newcomers to help lead the franchise into a new phase.

In going about renovating the roster, Myers understood it needed an influx of youth -- which is now more feasible, given the lowered expectations.

"When you try to put these things together, a blend of youth and experience is always good," Myers told Burke. "I think we were tilted pretty far in the experience category, but that's sometimes what it takes to win."

Of the eight new players brought in, Alec Burks is the oldest at 27 years old. For the last several years, the Warriors have been one of the oldest teams in the league based on average age. This coming season, they'll be one of the youngest.

Myers knows that transition is bound to come with consistent growing pains, but ensures the Warriors are prepared for a different kind of season than they've become accustomed to.

"We are going to have to shapeshift in a certain way," Myers said. "We're going to miss Klay -- There's no replacing Klay Thompson. And then it's a lot of new, young guys. Losing Andre [Iguodala] and Shaun [Livingston] also -- the stability, the consistency they bring -- we'll see. But I think we're okay with that. We get it.

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"I think everybody is going into it with their eyes wide open, knowing there's going to be more challenges," he continued. "It's not going to be what it was. But there's also an excitement to that. There's a novelty to that. It's all kind of wrapped up -- even the new arena stuff -- it's kind of like it's a new dawn. It's a new era.

"We're moving forward in a different direction, so let's see what happens."