The Warriors pulled off yet another impressive comeback to beat the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers 115-113 on Monday night at Staples Center. But it also was another frustrating night for rookie center James Wiseman. 

Wiseman played just 13 minutes, scored four points, had five turnovers and five fouls and was a minus-19. He clearly was frustrated with his play, too. 

While Steve Kerr and the Warriors' coaching staff tries to hone Wiseman in, Draymond Green has taken a role as Wiseman's personal coach on the court. He was seen coaching up the 19-year-old Monday night in a mic'd up moment that caught everyone's attention. 

Following the win, Green explained the moment and talked about the mindset he's trying to instill into the rookie. 

"That was right after the play where I threw it to him in traffic and he turned the ball over," Green said to reporters. "And I was just telling him I had been looking at him the entire time down the floor. He never looked, I had been trying to get him the ball.

"And I was just telling him, most people would say 'Draymond put you in a tough spot and you turned the ball over because you shouldn't have been in that spot.' I think if I get him the ball right there, he knows how to handle it, he's 1-on-1 downhill with Marc Gasol, and I love Marc Gasol's game, I think he's been phenomenal all these years, he's a champion -- I like James' chances if he's 1-on-1 downhill under control. 


"Really, just trying to show him the different pictures. I told him, 'I put you in a tough spot. I did, 100 percent. But I think you can handle being in that tough spot. So I'm gonna do it again. I'm gonna throw you the ball in that spot again, you're gonna be in transition and next time you're gonna figure it out.'

"I just have high hopes for him, I have high beliefs in what he's capable of doing. I think I probably believe in his capabilities than he do at this point. ... I think he's capable of handling that tough spot, and he'll continue to get better at it."

Wiseman has had a tough stretch of games lately. He also has gone up against Domantas Sabonis/Myles Turner, Nikola Jokic and Anthony Davis/Gasol in his last three games. That's tough for anyone, let alone a teenager. 

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The fact is, the Warriors were better with Wiseman off the floor in their win over the Lakers. But they also know how important he is to their future and how talented he still can be in the present. 

The Warriors have a tough balancing act with their young prize, but it's clear his mentor believes in him and will continue challenging him.

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