Draymond reflects on FaceTime with Brady after gold medal game


Draymond Green had words for all the doubters after Team USA won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in August. The Americans got plenty of heat leading up to the games after losing a pair of exhibition games before dropping their first game in Tokyo to France.

Among the many who reached out to Green after Team USA won gold was Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion. After getting an Instagram direct message from Green, the Warriors star asked Brady if he wanted to FaceTime with the team.

"I sent my number, he called in 10 seconds. I'm like 'yo, he really calling,' " Green told Carmelo Anthony on the "What's In Your Glass" podcast. "Now you know, I think we all feel the same way, Brady a GOAT man, I don't care where you are, he a GOAT, probably the GOAT. So we all kind of having that same reaction.

"So then K (Kevin Durant) take the phone, then Dolla (Damian Lillard) sitting in front of me, Dolla take the phone, then Bam (Bam Adebayo) take the phone, Zach (LaVine), before you know it, 12 of us done been on FaceTime."

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After Devin Booker took a screenshot of himself FaceTiming with Brady on Draymond's phone, the rest of the team took it back and each got their own screenshots with the legendary NFL QB.


Even a team full of NBA All-Stars and champions was starstruck by Brady and his remarkable success over his 20-plus years in the NFL.

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