Draymond says centers should root for Lakers over Rockets

USA Today

A long time ago, the NBA used to be dominated by centers.

Now, though, the league is controlled by guards and wings. NBA centers have been forced to adjust and adapt their games. Big men that can't shoot the 3-pointer are a dying breed.

One team in particular, the Houston Rockets, have completely gone away from having a prototypical center on their roster. The Warriors might have started the small-ball revolution, but the Rockets are taking it to a new level.

And Warriors forward Draymond Green has a message for NBA centers: Root for the Los Angeles Lakers in their second-round NBA playoff series against the Rockets.

The NBA is a copycat league. If the Rockets can win multiple NBA playoff series without a true center on the roster, surely other teams will try to do the same.

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Green has been flexing his muscles as an NBA analyst for TNT during the NBA playoffs, and he's adding insightful tweets like the one above. Whether you like Green or not, he's one of the brightest basketball minds in the game.

Unfortunately for the NBA centers, the Rockets blew out the Lakers in Game 1 of their series, 112-97.