Draymond explains why ex-players criticized GOAT defender claim

Draymond Green Ben Wallace

Draymond Green made a bold claim last week.

As a guest on NBC Sports Bay Area's Dubs Talk podcast, the three-time NBA champion said he 100 percent believes he is the best defensive player in NBA history.

To nobody's surprise, former NBA players offered some pushback and criticism.

And of course, Draymond offered a noteworthy answer as to why he believes that happened.

"Probably because I speak up more than they ever felt they could," the 2017-18 NBA Defensive Player of the Year told the media Wednesday. "Some people allow themselves to be muzzled. I don't. And I think a lot of people envy that. That's their business.

"I think retirement is gonna be great for me. I kind of got a glimpse of retirement during the pandemic. I don't think I'm just gonna be a guy who sits on Twitter and responds to stuff current players say. That's usually guys who feel like they didn't quite accomplish in basketball what they know they could have accomplished.

"They take that feeling of emptiness, and they let it out on Twitter (laughter). Hey man -- that ain't gonna change that feeling. Your coaches told you since elementary [school], 'Leave it all on the floor, because once it's gone it's gone.' Well that s--t is gone now. Twitter responses ain't gonna change the outcome of whatever that career was.


"My résumé is pretty solid though. So retirement should be a lot of fun -- whenever that happens."

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After a short pause, Draymond gave one more comment on the matter.

"But to all of the former guys -- I appreciate them paving the way," he said. "We make a lot of money to play basketball. And without those guys, the league wouldn't be where it is today. So I'm very appreciative.

"I just wish more people had more confidence and more self-worth."

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