Draymond explains why he only could yell at Klay for years


Although they were drafted in successive years, only about a month separates Warriors stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in age.

Thompson joked during a recent appearance on NBC Sports Bay Area's broadcast of the Warriors and Detroit Pistons that since he hasn't been on the court with his teammates much for the past year and a half, Draymond has had to find other players to yell at. In speaking with ESPN's Rachel Nichols on "The Jump" Friday, Green explained why he's always felt comfortable being so vocal with Klay.

"The reality is, I don't think people realize that for years, Klay and I, we were the young guys on the team," Green explained to Nichols. "So the only guy I really could yell at was Klay, no one else would listen to me everybody else was way older than us. So, that was the only guy I could yell at.

"There's a few more guys I can yell at now, and now Klay is the old guy, can't yell at him anymore."

Klay actually is just under a month older than Draymond, but that hasn't stopped Green from being vocal with Thompson over the years. Klay's personality likely makes this relationship much easier, as Thompson always has had a reputation for being coachable and not confrontational within his own locker room.

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The Warriors' roster looks much different than it did during the organization's five straight runs to the NBA Finals, with a slew of younger faces in the rotation, including 19-year-old rookie James Wiseman, who Draymond personally has tried to take under his wing this season.


Many more veteran faces made up the Warriors' roster during the three championship seasons, but Green now is among the most seasoned players in the locker room.

His leadership will be critical as the Warriors look to remain in contention in the Western Conference.

While Klay doesn't exactly miss Draymond's voice in his ear, he'll likely welcome it once he is able to return to the court.

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