Draymond's high praise for Klay's competitiveness as return nears


Klay Thompson is a competitor. 

Draymond Green said he thinks the Warriors guard might be more competitive than him. 

And it definitely takes a competitor to know one. 

Although the sharp-shooter hasn't played in an NBA game in more than two years, Thompson’s hunger and determination have reached new levels

When asked to describe his teammate with one word, Green immediately referenced Thompson’s, yes you guessed it, competitiveness. 

“I have this reputation for being crazy, extreme, competitive, but I think Klay is more competitive than me,” Green told Warriors color commentator Kelenna Azubuike. “If there’s one thing I have to point out about him, it’s just his competitiveness. 

“If you go down there in the locker room on any given day when he’s rehabbing, he’s out there talking crazy… And it’s all just fueling from the game of basketball, from getting out there and competing.”  

In this season alone, Thompson's competitive fire has been fueled by early doubters of the Warriors 2021-22 success as well as being left off the NBA's greatest 75 players list

“Ga damn I can’t wait to hoop again. Sick of the disrespect. Winning isn’t everything to some people like it is to me I guess,” Thompson wrote on Instagram after the list was released in October. 

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Thompson is a five-time All-Star, three-time NBA champion, two-time All-NBA selection, and has been elected to one All-NBA Defensive Team.

His comeback is creeping closer and closer, hinting on a recent Instagram Live that he could be back as soon as a few weeks to a month. 

And although an official return date is unknown at this time, one thing that is for certain is that Thompson will be ready to compete. 

“I think that is one of the most important things to Klay, I also think it’s one of the most undervalued/misunderstood things about Klay,” Green added while talking about Thompson’s competitive nature. 

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