Draymond has words for those questioning Steph's legacy


Most of us could agree that after 12 NBA seasons and a very impressive resume, Steph Curry doesn’t have anything to prove to any of us. His teammate Draymond Green feels the exact same way.

“I saw a quote [from Steph] that said, ‘I don’t have anything to prove. I’ve got a lot to accomplish, but nothing to prove.’ Come on, man, ‘Step me,’ the GOAT,” Draymond said in an interview with NBA Radio’s Ros Gold-Onwude recently. 

“That’s what he’s saying right now. And I love that -- like, embody that.”

Steph’s career is filled to the brim with accomplishments, including seven NBA All-Star selections, three NBA championships and two NBA MVP awards. That’s just what he’s done on the court.

“Where I see him, No. 1, just like I said, I also look at it from his overall standpoint,” Draymond added. “How he’s carrying all of that weight, and where I see him right now, is a completely different place than I’ve ever seen. It’s like, he knows he’s great. Like the statement said, ‘I don’t have anything to prove.’ That’s how he looks every single day.” 

Steph’s off-the-court resume is second-to-none. So why are there people questioning his legacy? Well, I wish I could tell you. 

“And when you talk about legacy, everybody questioning at the beginning of this -- people still question LeBron James’ legacy,” Draymond said. “If you’re still questioning LeBron James’ legacy, you’re looking for something to talk about. You’re looking -- you’re trying to get the clickbait if you’re still questioning LeBron James’ legacy.”

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr himself said Steph’s never played better than he has this year. He said that after his 57-point game in January against the Dallas Mavericks. He was surely thinking it during his career-high 62-pointer against the Portland Trail Blazers, and probably many games before and after. 

“It’s the same with Steph,” Draymond said. “If you still want to question Steph’s legacy, the people who question Steph’s legacy don’t have a legacy of their own.”

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