Draymond hilariously recalls the times Steph has yelled at him

Dray, Steph, Kawhi

Steph Curry is known for being cool, calm and collected -- at least to the public eye. 

If you ask Draymond Green however, it's a different story.

Television cameras captured a frustrated and emotional Curry in the second half of the Warriors' dreadful 130-104 blowout loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday yelling emphatically at his teammates on the bench.

It was the most upset Dub Nation had seen Curry maybe ever. But according to Green, Curry yells often, even at him.

"Steph has yelled at me a few times," Green said to reporters following the Warriors' practice Friday. "It was about shooting the ball, as a matter of fact."

"Like, shoot the ball!" Green shouted, in his best Curry impression -- although he did note he was paraphrasing and left some choice words out.

"Little different from the words I use," Green hinted. "But yeah, he's yelled at me before. For sure."

In fact, after a slight pause, Green remembered another altercation.

"Remember the time I got into it with Steve [Kerr] in [Oklahoma City]?" Green asked The Athletic's Anthony Slater. "[Steph] was sitting right next to me. He stood over me and started yelling at me. He's yelled at me several times."

"Don't try and be fooled by Steph," Green warned. "He does yell at me."

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While Green can make light of the situation now, Curry's frustration reaching a boiling point obviously was a cause for concern Thursday night. Green explained why.


"The frustration was about we were playing soft defensively," he said. "We had spoke about getting to the ball and turning up the pressure and we weren't doing that."

Hopefully for the Warriors, Friday's practice was helpful in putting that frustration aside. Golden State has lost a season-high four straight games and will look to right the ship during a quick two-game homestand. They'll have a tall order in doing so, as they are set to face off against the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center starting Sunday. 

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