Draymond jokingly calls out Iguodala for Damion Lee tweet


Damion Lee has earned his spot in the NBA.

The Warriors guard is Steph Curry's brother-in-law, but he's not on the roster because the family he married into. He's a legit NBA player who averaged 12.7 points per game in 49 games last season.

So it was a bit strange to see former Warriors star Andre Iguodala's tweet after Lee hit the game-winning 3-pointer against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday night.

Iguodala, who now plays for the Miami Heat and clearly was watching his former team, reacted to Lee's incredible shot by tweeting "Sydell husband!!!!!!"

In Iguodala's defense, Sydel Curry-Lee seemed to be OK with the tweet, at least this one time.

But Draymond Green, who hasn't played this season due to a foot injury, had a different response, jokingly calling out his former teammate for the tweet.

Iguodala has a complex sense of humor, and he probably meant no harm by the tweet, and clearly Sydel gave him a pass. But Draymond had to respond to the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, even if he used some colorful language.