Draymond pokes fun at Klay for watching Game 6 highlights


Once in a while, the internet is good for something. Like getting a slumping superstar back on track.

Thompson, in the middle of a 4-for-15 rough patch from deep over the first two games of the NBA Finals, told reporters Tuesday his secret to getting out of a slump -- watching highlights on YouTube of "Game 6 Klay."

"I probably did it yesterday actually," Thompson said. "I remember being in college. When you go through a shooting slump, the video guys will pull up a great game of when everything seemed in unison, your body was working so well, that ball was just flowing off your fingertips.

"Gosh, probably just YouTube 'Game 6 Klay' because there were some very high-pressurized situations I was in. I ended up shooting the ball well. When you can do it when your back is against the wall, you can do it at any given moment. It's just about keeping that mental strong."

Thompson, of course, is referencing his Game 6 alter ego, which started with 11 3-point makes in Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. "Game 6 Klay" has been seen as recently as the Western Conference semifinals when he poured on eight 3-pointers and 30 points to send the Memphis Grizzlies packing.

However, Thompson's teammate Draymond Green, has never seen Thompson pull up his own highlights.

"As far as 'Game 6 Klay,' I haven't seen him YouTubing it," Green said. "The reality is if I did, we'd probably make fun of him. So it's probably good that I haven't."


Teasing aside, Green understands the thought behind the YouTube search.

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"But I think for us, you tend to go back to those experiences," Green said. "You tend to draw from that because ultimately when you think about things like from our perspective, especially a shooter like Klay, you always hear the term, oh, get to the free-throw line or get a layup, because you just need to see the ball go through the rim."

Steve Kerr and Steph Curry both agreed Tuesday that they expect Thompson to go off at some point during the Finals. 

Maybe another YouTube video view or two wouldn't hurt.

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