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Draymond Green played at Michigan State from 2008 to 2012. 

His incredible college career included two trips to the Final Four and he was named NABC National Player of the Year as a senior.

It's crazy to think how different things could have been.

Draymond was recently a guest on The Paul Rivera Podcast and revealed something that happened at some point in 2007 while he was in high school. This will most likely gain a lot of attention in "Big Ten" country. Enjoy:

"I love Michigan State. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me. But I was gonna go to Michigan.

"I've never told this story by the way, but it's the truth. I'm a Spartan through and through. Michigan, they begged me to come down to campus one more time. Begged me. I'm like, 'I don't know.' They're like, 'No, come down to open gym, we also need to show you the dorms that you'll be living in.' 

"At this point, it's not even leaning. I'm going to Michigan. So they showed me the dorm -- I hated the dorm. And then I played in their open gym and I was busting their a--. Like, bad. Busting their a-- bad.

"And I'm talking s--t. That's what I do. And nobody's saying nothing back ... nobody's talking back. And I go to Michigan State and play in open gym and I'm like about to fight Travis Walton (who is now one of Draymond's best friends). I'm about to fight everybody up there and they're about to fight me.

"That's how I grew up. That's how it is in Saginaw. So I'm used to that."

"I said yeah this ain't me. We're nothing alike. This ain't the school for me. Literally, I was going to Michigan. And if they would have left me at home and not begged me to come there on that Monday before that Thursday I was supposed to do my press conference, I would have went to Michigan."

That is ...

... crazy!

Michigan-Michigan State is one of the biggest rivalries in college sports and Draymond was nearly a Wolverine.

Don't hold it against him, Spartan fans. He ended up in East Lansing.

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