Draymond says Nets' offense likely will never be equaled

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden

On Monday, while serving in his capacity as a guest analyst for TNT, Draymond Green predicted that the Brooklyn Nets would represent the Eastern Conference in the 2021 NBA Finals.

On Tuesday, the Defensive Player of the Year finalist provided more context as to why. From Green's perspective, the Nets' offense is without equal.

"It's the best display of offense we'll probably ever see in this league," Green said prior to Game 5 between the Nets and Boston Celtics. "We're talking about [Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving], but Joe Harris, who leads the league in 3-point percentage ... you rotate and you're swinging it to Joe. So that's who you're rotating off of to Kevin, Kyrie or James."

"When you look at this team offensively, you're not going to stop them," Green added. "You stop one guy, you get the other two going off. And I think their defense will be good enough, because the reality is, those other teams have to score as well, and that's not so easy to do. So when you're trying to outscore these guys, which teams are going to have to do, I can't see it happening."

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The stats back up Green's assertion.

Durant, Harden and Irving combined for 83 points in Brooklyn's victory over Boston on Tuesday, as the Nets advanced to the second round. Amazingly, that was actually below their combined scoring average in the series. That trio averaged 85.2 points against the Celtics, which is the highest scoring average by a trio in any playoff series in NBA history.


As Green detailed, the Nets are going to be awfully tough to beat in a seven-game series. Next up is the Milwaukee Bucks, who might be as well equipped as any team to thwart Brooklyn's attack. But even that might not be enough.

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