Draymond throws shade at Celtics' Horford for Finals preparation


Four-time NBA champion Draymond Green isn't holding back on the Boston Celtics.

After being on the receiving end of NSFW chants at the TD Garden and defeating the Celtics in six games in the 2022 NBA Finals, why would he?

In his first four trips to the Finals, Green and the Warriors squared off against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers each time. On Tuesday, Green was asked by JJ Redick and Tommy Alter of "The Old Man and The Three" podcast on how preparing to battle the Celtics compared to the Cavs.

"It’s easier because we’re not playing LeBron James," Green responded, getting a laugh from the crowd in New York City. "They asked me a question in a press conference like ‘How does the IQs rank against Boston versus LeBron' and it’s like, shut up. What are we talking about? It’s easier when you’re not playing LeBron James, who is the ultimate mastermind in our game. So, you’re not playing that chess match with him. It’s a lot easier to play a chess match against anybody else, but against LeBron it’s different.

"And Bron can prepare his guys for what’s to come. Al Horford couldn’t prepare them for what’s to come, so you know that going in, no disrespect to Al Horford."


Horford, 36, has plenty of NBA experience and achievements on his resume as a five-time All-Star. However, he appeared in 141 playoff games over his career before taking a single trip to the Finals -- a longer streak than any other player in league history.

According to Green, the inexperience showed. Even when Horford did an apparent impression of Green, flexing his muscles after scoring a bucket in the closing minutes of Game 1, which Boston won 120-108.

“Well, Al Horford also did this in Game 1,” Green said, flexing like Horford. “Then he did it in Game 6 and I laughed at him and they lost.

“But they didn’t know what to expect, and going into that, being in the finals five times, you understand what to do with your family. You understand what to do with your friends. You understand all these things. I put my kids on a totally different floor of the hotel because you need to stay locked into that moment. And so I knew that they weren’t truly ready and prepared for that moment.”

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Green and the Warriors were clearly prepared. They bounced back from disappointment in Game 1 to win four of the next five contests and bring home another title to the Bay.

With another championship ring to his name, Green can talk that talk all offseason long.

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