Draymond's 3-on-1 stop vs. Pacers might be proof he's psychic

Warriors' Draymond Green and Kelly Oubre Jr.

Draymond Green's defensive résumé includes five All-Defensive nods, the 2016-17 Defensive Player of the Year Award and now, one of the most ridiculous stops you'll ever see.

The Warriors star was the lone man back on an Indiana Pacers 3-on-1 fast break in the third quarter Tuesday night at Chase Center. Somehow, someway and, perhaps, relying on previously unknown psychic powers of some kind, Green forced a turnover without so much as touching the ball.

Excellent defense and odious offense aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, as Green benefitted from the Pacers' head-scratching spacing and passing. Still, coach Steve Kerr couldn't have asked for much more positionally from Green while he defended on an island.

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The Warriors' defensive improvement since Green made his season debut on Jan. 1 has been stark. Entering Tuesday night's game against the Pacers, the Warriors had the 11th-best defensive rating (105.6) in the New Year. In four games without Green, the Warriors were 24th (112.5).

Green was massive for the Warriors' defense on the final possession of Sunday's 106-105 win over the Toronto Raptors, but Tuesday's 3-on-1 stop was perhaps even more impressive. It seemed more like a tall tale an older fan would tell someone younger well after Green retired, but the video doesn't lie.

Is it too much to ask for the Warriors to allow a 4-on-1 to see if Green could stop that, too?


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