Late last week, we learned that Draymond Green was changing agents.

The three-time All-Star left B.J. Armstrong of Wasserman for Rich Paul of Klutch Sports.

On Friday, Armstrong discussed Draymond's decision and his feelings towards the Warriors forward.

"In the representation business, it's just the nature of the beast," Armstrong said on The Pure Hoops Podcast. "You're gonna have kids who change representation or what have you. That's just the nature of the business. You understand that part of the business.

"You're dealing with young people and they do that. The relationships that you have with people, you cherish those moments. But you understand that this is a very volatile business. No doubt about it. Players are gonna change. Some are gonna change to you, some are gonna leave.

"People who work in this business, they understand that. And then you move on. He's a good friend, will continue to be a good friend."

Draymond is from Saginaw, Michigan. Armstrong -- who won three championships as a player with the Bulls (1991-1993) -- is also from Michigan. The two have known each other since Draymond was in high school.

The 2017 Defensive Player of the Year is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2020. But he could agree to an extension with Golden State this summer.


Back in July 2015, it was Armstrong who negotiated Draymond's five-year, $82 million contract extension.

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"You have to continue to move forward and move on and stay principled to the principles that you have ... doesn't make it good or bad, right or wrong," Armstrong explained. "But you do what you do and what you feel comfortable with.

"Draymond's a great kid. He's a great kid. He's a terrific, great player. But you know what -- things happen. People are gonna (go in) different directions they feel they need to make at different times. People come in and out of your life at different times. And that's fine. And I understand that.

"But when we see each other, we're gonna continue to have that same relationship and move forward ... business will never get in the way of our friendship because it has to be a real relationship."

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