In 2015, the Warriors fell behind the Grizzlies two games to one in the Western Conference Semifinals.

"After the game, I was in my hotel room -- and I wouldn't call it sulking, but I was thinking about what I need to do better for the next game -- and he (Draymond) called and told me to come down to the BBQ spot down the street," Steph Curry explained back in May. "We had a pretty unhealthy meal and I think we had a beer, and (he) put in perspective that we're still in good shape … you need those type of moments where you kind of get our of your feelings a little bit, but also just keep the right perspective around winning a championship."

You probably already knew that story, and Draymond corroborated Curry's account by detailing his version of that night in Memphis to Sam Alipour of ESPN.

And then, the three-time All-Star revealed another instance when a little alcohol brought he and Curry together. It happened exactly a month after the night in Memphis.

"Then we're in Cleveland, down 2-1 in the first Finals. Steph was struggling, so I took a bottle of wine to his room," Draymond told ESPN. "So it's just me and Steph, in his room, crushing a whole bottle of wine -- and we won the next three.


"Those are the moments I'll never forget. That's my guy, man."

Not trying to pick on the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year here, but two people sharing one bottle of wine isn't exactly "crushing" it. 

Sorry, but somebody had to say it... (just having some fun, Draymond)

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