Draymond: 'Guys are locked in like I've never seen before'

Draymond: 'Guys are locked in like I've never seen before'

The Warriors are up 2-0 in the NBA Finals for the second straight year.

Last season, they lost Game 3 in Cleveland by 30 points.

"Guys are locked in like I've never seen before," Draymond Green told reporters on Tuesday. "Understand the task at hand and know that this is gonna be the hardest game of the series. If we can come out on top, we put ourselves in tremendous position.

"But they're down 2-0, coming home, crowd's gonna be loud. They're gonna give everything they have, and we defintely understand that and know that we gotta come out ready to fight, and just be ready for whatever. They're gonna throw everything at us."

In Game 3 of the 2016 Finals, the Warriors trailed by 20 in the first quarter.

They cut it to seven late in the second quarter, but the Cavs dominated the third quarter en route to a 120-90 victory.

So what does Draymond see specifically from his teammates in terms of being "locked in?"

"You just see a certain amount of focus, a competitive level that hasn't been matched," Draymond explained. "That's a good sign ... it's been a special thing. Yet, in saying that, I think we can be so much better.

"First game, we executed great and we had four turnovers, but we really didn't make shots. The second game, we didn't execute very well but we mad shots. Now we need to put those two things together.

"But the one thing that's been a constant is we competed. We've been locked in on the defensive end. If we continue to do that, we'll always give ourselves a chance to win."

In Game 1, the Warriors tied an NBA Finals record with only four giveaways, but they shot under 43 percent from the field.

In Game 2, the Warriors turned the ball over 20 times, but shot just under 52 percent overall and made an NBA Finals record 18 3-pointers (on 43 attempts).

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Warriors 'witnessing greatness' as Steph Curry goes off to beat Pelicans


Warriors 'witnessing greatness' as Steph Curry goes off to beat Pelicans

OAKLAND – Stephen Curry came off a double screen inching closer to the three-point line, but still well beyond it. The Warriors point guard still couldn’t find open space.

New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis came bearing down, with a long arm aimed to disrupt his shooting motion.

That sure seemed like a low percentage shot. Not for Steph. Not during a torrid third quarter where he simply couldn’t miss.

If that was a heat check, it proved Curry was still hot. Jaws dropped when that one went through, as part of a surge that lifted the Warriors to a 147-140 win over the Pelicans at Oracle Arena.

Curry had 41 points on the night, with 23 in a third quarter where he went 7-of-8 from beyond the arc.

Many of those were fantasy shots for most. They are practiced, often coreographed and at times perfected by the NBA’s finest distance shooter.

“Sometimes, when you get hot like that, you can’t see anything but the rim,” Curry said. “You just try to stay on balance and get to your spot, wherever that is. Again, these are shots I work on. I have confidence in them. I know my teammates do.”

Kevin Durant’s a rare talent in his own right, and even has to stop and applaud.

“He’s a once-in-a-generation, once-in-a-lifetime talent, and his movements are so smooth that he makes it look so easy,” said Durant, who had 30 points of his own. “When he’s knocking down those shots, it’s just a joy to see.”

Curry was virtually unstoppable in the second half, securing his sixth 40-point game of the season by hitting 11-of-22 shots, including 9-of-17 from three-point range.

The Warriors matched a franchise record with 24 three-pointers made on a franchise record 49 attempts. They’ve ramped up their 3-point efforts lately, something others have done while trying to beat the Warriors during more close games then usual for the defending champs.

Head coach Steve Kerr cited No. 30 being healthy again for this three-point surge.

“Steph just changes the whole equation,” Kerr said. “It really does come down to Steph being back, because the tempo goes back up. He shot 17 threes tonight. That’s the difference. He’s going to get a ton of them up.”

Some of them are standard, open shots taken close to the three-point line. Others, however, would seem wacky taken by most everyone else.

Curry going on crazy runs is commonplace around these parts, but even other sharpshooters still marvel at his shots and their at-times shocking degree of difficulty.

“It’s incredible,” fellow guard Klay Thompson said. “Pull up off the dribble from 30-plus feet -- it’s insane. I’m witnessing greatness.”

Warriors, Pelicans break 3-point record Golden State set twelve days ago


Warriors, Pelicans break 3-point record Golden State set twelve days ago

Back on Jan. 5, the Warriors and Kings combined to make 41 3-pointers in Golden State's 127-123 win in Sacramento, breaking the NBA record for most treys in a single game in the process.

That record didn't last two weeks.

The Warriors and Pelicans broke that record Wednesday night when the two teams combined to make 43 3-pointers in Golden State's 147-140 home victory. The Warriors attempted a franchise-record 49 attempts, and converted 24, tying a franchise record set earlier this season on Oct. 29 at Chicago.

As such, the Warriors have now been involved in the two games with the most made 3-pointers in NBA history, and both have come in a span of 12 days. It makes sense, given Golden State ranks second in the league in team 3-point shooting (39.2 percent).

That said, don't expect this new record to last much longer than the last one. The Warriors are bound to be involved in several more shooting onslaughts throughout the year, and teams are attempting threes at a higher rate than ever before. Heck, the Rockets set a new NBA record with 70 attempted 3-pointers in their game on Wednesday.

Of course, the Rockets lost their game. The Warriors, on the other hand, notched their sixth-straight win, and haven't lost since a last-second defeat to Houston on Jan. 3.

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If they keep making threes at the rate they've been lately, that streak could go on awhile.