With 2:38 remaining in the second quarter on Saturday night, Draymond Green picked up his third foul.

As he walked to the bench, Jazz fans rained down a chorus of boos, so Draymond waved his hands in the air and signaled that the Warriors had a 2-0 series advantage.

"There are some arenas we go to that I for sure should be booed," Draymond said on the Dray Day Podcast. "Utah isn't one of 'em. I'm an honest guy. I just don't see any reason for Utah fans to be booing me like that, but I gave 'em a reason now.

"So now they can boo and just get me going, because that's all they really did. I played a lot better once they did that. So I appreciate the Utah fans -- night life -- they got me going last night, so salute to them."

In the first half, Draymond registered four points, three rebounds and four assists and was a -3.

In the second half, he recorded five points, seven rebounds, one assist, one steal and was +6.

What did Draymond think of the Utah crowd?

"I thought they would be louder than they were. It didn't get as loud in there as I thought it would," he said. "It was OK. Their fans talk a little too much ... shut up. No, I wasn't really feeling their fans. Shut up.


"They don't make sense. Some guy kept telling me to shoot the ball. Do you not realize I'm shooting 55 percent from 3 this series? Why would you want me shooting the basketball when I'm shooting that great?

"Now of course I missed a few last night and like, whatever. I'm gonna shoot the piss out of it tomorrow, so that's cool. Their fans just weren't very smart. They talk too much. Shut up."