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OAKLAND -- Three Warriors were named to the All-NBA team Thursday, and some members of the team believe there should have been four.

Though no Warriors were named to the first team, guard Stephen Curry and forward Kevin Durant were named to second team, with forward Draymond Green on the third team.

That guard Klay Thompson, the team’s fourth All-Star, was left off all three five-man teams didn’t sit particularly well with Curry and Green -- especially Green.

“I think it’s bulls---,” he said. “When you look around teams . . . what did we win, 67 games or something like that? And we probably handed teams three or four. You’re talking a possible 70-win season. I think Klay is one of our top three guys, and to not be on an All-NBA team is pretty crazy.

“There are some guys on there, as scorers averaging 20 points and don’t have nearly the amount of wins we have. So how he could be left out, I don’t really understand it. And also the way Klay can defend, I don’t understand it.

“But I guess (voting media) have to find some way to punish us.”

Thompson, an All-Star for the third consecutive season, averaging a career-high 22.3 points per game, took the results in stride

“I didn’t even know that,” he said. “It’s a all right. No big deal.”

Curry, who has spent five seasons starting at guard alongside Thompson, felt otherwise.


“You could shout out Klay and his season,” Curry said. “He definitely deserved to be on one of those teams. I know it’s a tough vote every year to figure out who goes where. But that’s a guy that had an amazing season. He was very consistent all year long, so he definitely deserved to be on that spot.”

The first-team guards were Houston’s James Harden and Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook. Boston’s Isaiah Thomas joined Curry on the second team, with Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan and Washington’s John Wall.

Clippers guard Chris Paul and Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving also received more votes than Thompson, who finished ahead of only Portland’s Damian Lillard among guards.