E-40 tells Steph Curry why Warriors star already is an Oakland legend

E-40 tells Steph Curry why Warriors star already is an Oakland legend

It's an understatement to say that E-40 is well-known in Oakland, but he says his popularity in The Town pales in comparison to Steph Curry.

The Warriors star and the legendary Bay Area rapper shared a ride from Oracle Arena in the latest episode of Curry's "5 Minutes From Home" YouTube series. Curry opened the conversation talking about how leaving Oracle Arena and Oakland after this season is "a lot to deal with," before 40 chimed in with a memory of his own. 

E-40 recounted sharing the cover of SLAM magazine with Curry this fall, as the sharpshooting point guard paid tribute to his decade in Oakland. The rapper said he's accustomed to being recognized, but he got a taste of normal life sharing space with Steph. 

"I'm used to ... all the kids on me," he told Curry. "They're like, 'Steph! Steph!' I said, 'I'm finna take a step back and be a civilian today. I'm gonna kick on back and watch this s---, man. This s--- is crazy.'"

It's hard to top E-40 as far as famous native sons go. There might be no name in pop culture more synonymous with the East Bay -- or the Bay Area as a whole -- than him.  

But what Oakland thinks about Steph? That's on another level, according to him. 

"And they love you, bruh," he continued. "They love you sincerely, man. You play your position. You're involved with the youth when you give back, and that's what I love about the Warriors overall, too. Y'all always giving back. Always. Y'all got it together, man." 

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The Warriors have seven regular-season games remaining in Oakland, and however many more they host in the playoffs at Oracle Arena. If you ask E-40, it sounds like Curry will remain a legend in the Town long after.

Kevin Durant, New York City 'match made not in heaven,' Michael Wilbon says

Kevin Durant, New York City 'match made not in heaven,' Michael Wilbon says

Kevin Durant has had a prickly relationship with the media this season.

But if the Warriors superstar thinks this is bad, he should probably scratch the New York Knicks off his free agency list.

The New York media is ruthless, and that's something the two-time NBA Finals MVP may not be able to handle if he joins the Knicks.

ESPN's Michael Wilbon doesn't see Durant fitting in Gotham.

"I think Kevin Durant and New York City are a match made not in heaven," Wilbon said on First Take on Friday morning. "It's OK, Kevin is a fairly thin-skinned guy. You can be that. But do you function best in New York? Look, Kyrie [Irving] grew up in metropolitan New York, he understands the mood, the tenor, the volume. I mean, Kevin, that's not his thing from my observation."

The popular rumor over the last few months has Durant and Irving declining their player options with their respective teams and joining forces on the Knicks.

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In a recent interview with the New York Post, Knicks president Steve Mills sounded pretty confident that his team will have a big offseason.

We tend to agree with Wilbon on this one, though. Based on what we've seen in the last few months, Durant doesn't seem suited for New York. If the Knicks lose games early in his tenure, the media and talk shows will crush him. If he doesn't bring a title to The Big Apple, they won't let him live it down.

Stay right where you are, KD. In more ways than one, you've got it pretty good in the Bay Area.

Watch Andrew Bogut do little bit of everything for Warriors in Game 3 win

Watch Andrew Bogut do little bit of everything for Warriors in Game 3 win

Programming note: Watch the pregame edition of Warriors Outsiders on Sunday morning at 11, streaming live on the MyTeams app.

Andrew Bogut had a great game Thursday night in Los Angeles.

Scratch that: Andrew Bogut had a terrific game.

In the Warriors' 132-105 win over the Clippers in Game 3 of their NBA playoff series, the 34-year old recorded eight points, 14 rebounds, five assists, one steal and one block. In 25 minutes, he was plus-24.

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 draft was instrumental in getting Kevin Durant off to a hot start:

Bogut led the Dubs with four "screen assists," according to NBA.com.

The 2015 All-Defensive selection also made a signifcant impact on the defensive end:

Klay Thompson was cold to start the game. He missed his first four shots.

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Bogut helped change that, though, a couple minutes into the second quarter:

After practice Wednesday, coach Steve Kerr said the Warriors are lucky to have Bogut. On Thursday, you saw exactly why.

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