E-40 tells Steph Curry why Warriors star already is an Oakland legend

E-40 tells Steph Curry why Warriors star already is an Oakland legend

It's an understatement to say that E-40 is well-known in Oakland, but he says his popularity in The Town pales in comparison to Steph Curry.

The Warriors star and the legendary Bay Area rapper shared a ride from Oracle Arena in the latest episode of Curry's "5 Minutes From Home" YouTube series. Curry opened the conversation talking about how leaving Oracle Arena and Oakland after this season is "a lot to deal with," before 40 chimed in with a memory of his own. 

E-40 recounted sharing the cover of SLAM magazine with Curry this fall, as the sharpshooting point guard paid tribute to his decade in Oakland. The rapper said he's accustomed to being recognized, but he got a taste of normal life sharing space with Steph. 

"I'm used to ... all the kids on me," he told Curry. "They're like, 'Steph! Steph!' I said, 'I'm finna take a step back and be a civilian today. I'm gonna kick on back and watch this s---, man. This s--- is crazy.'"

It's hard to top E-40 as far as famous native sons go. There might be no name in pop culture more synonymous with the East Bay -- or the Bay Area as a whole -- than him.  

But what Oakland thinks about Steph? That's on another level, according to him. 

"And they love you, bruh," he continued. "They love you sincerely, man. You play your position. You're involved with the youth when you give back, and that's what I love about the Warriors overall, too. Y'all always giving back. Always. Y'all got it together, man." 

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The Warriors have seven regular-season games remaining in Oakland, and however many more they host in the playoffs at Oracle Arena. If you ask E-40, it sounds like Curry will remain a legend in the Town long after.

Steph Curry loves idea of Draymond Green shooting more for Warriors

Steph Curry loves idea of Draymond Green shooting more for Warriors

Draymond Green's most prolific shooting seasons came in the two years before Kevin Durant joined the Warriors.

In 2014-15, the first year of the Warriors' historic NBA Finals run, Green averaged 9.7 shots per game. The next season he averaged a career-high 10.1 shots.

Once Durant arrived in 2016, Green became the fourth option for the Warriors and peaked at 8.8 shots per game in 2017-18.

But with Durant now in Brooklyn and Klay Thompson is on the mend, Green will likely get close to his career high again, and teammate Steph Curry is all for it.

“I love it,” Curry told The Athletic's Marcus Thompson. “That’s what you want to see.”

Curry and new Warriors guard D'Angelo Russell will shoulder a bulk of the scoring until Thompson returns, but with so many young, unproven players on the roster, Green will need to score in order for the Warriors to win games.

For reference, Green averaged 8.3 shots in four preseason games. We know it's a small sample size and the Warriors were working on a lot of things during the exhibition season, but it would be beneficial for the Warriors if Green becomes more aggressive when the games start counting on Thursday.

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If players like Kevon Looney, Willie Cauley-Stein, Marquese Chriss, Glenn Robinson and Jordan Poole can pick up big chunks of the scoring load, it's possible that Green doesn't need to shoot as much. But all of those players come with question marks surrounding their health or experience.

So Green should heed Curry's words aim for 10 shots a game. The only time he reached that number, the Warriors won 73 games.

Nick Young predicts Warriors miss playoffs, Lakers win 2020 NBA title

Nick Young predicts Warriors miss playoffs, Lakers win 2020 NBA title

Nick Young has never been one to blend in with the crowd, and he's not about to change anytime soon.

Even though his NBA playing days are behind him, Young still is very much keeping tabs on the league, and -- this might shock you -- he has some noteworthy opinions. In speaking to Adam Caparell of Complex, Young offered some thoughts on the upcoming NBA season, and as you'd expect, he didn't shy away from hot takes.

One of those takes, in particular, concerned the Warriors.

When asked if he had one crazy prediction for the upcoming NBA season, Young provided a double dose.

"I will say either New Orleans making the eighth seed or Denver not making the playoffs," Young initially replied. "I don't think the Warriors going to make it this year. If they do, it's the eighth seed."

Predictions for the Warriors are all over the place, and Swaggy P is no different. ESPN projects Golden State as the third-best NBA team over the next three seasons, but some of the company's personalities have a considerably lower opinion of the Dubs.

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Young won his one and only NBA championship as a member of the Warriors, but clearly, that's not biasing his predictions. As for who he thinks the 2019-20 NBA champion will be, however, he went with one of the other five teams he played for in his 12-year career.


I suppose they can't all be hot takes.

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