Even Philly fans recognize Steph should be 2020-21 NBA MVP

Warriors' Steph Curry

On the same night Steph Curry set a new record and broke one of Kobe Bryant's records, the Warriors star mirrored one of the Los Angeles Lakers legend's most iconic moments.

Curry scored 49 points in Monday's 107-96 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, crossing the 30-point threshold for his 11th straight game. That's the longest stretch by a player who's at least 33 years old, passing Kobe Bryant's streak of 10 such games.

In the final minute Monday, Curry stepped to the free-throw line as some fans in the crowd of 4,094 at Wells Fargo Center chanted "MVP."

Hearing MVP chants on the road is one thing, especially when you're a two-time NBA MVP and one of the most popular players on the planet, as Curry is.

Hearing those chants in Philadelphia, a city that will boo any human being who could fog a mirror (and that criteria might be generous), while playing against a homegrown star -- Joel Embiid -- who's an MVP frontrunner? That's the stuff of legend.

Only the late Bryant could've said he heard MVP chants in a more jarring context.

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During a 2007 Lakers win in which he scored 43 points against the rival Boston Celtics, fans at TD Garden chanted "MVP" for Bryant.

Forgive the allusion to a former Celtics coach, but Larry Bird wasn't walking through that door.


Bryant carried the Lakers to the seventh seed in the Western Conference that season, and Curry's Warriors are just a game back of the eighth seed after the Memphis Grizzlies' loss Monday. In the eyes of voters, the former didn't do enough to earn the NBA MVP award. Will Curry, if the Warriors earn a play-in spot?

Even if he doesn't, he'll always have this night in Philly.

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