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Editor's note: All week long. we'll answer questions that Bay Area sports fans long have debated in "Ever Wonder?"  This segment: Who is the man who catches the half-court air balls at Warriors games?

You notice him every time anyone at a Warriors home game attempts a half-court heave.

Who is the guy who catches all of those misses (and a few makes?).

Well, get to know James Young, a Warriors lifer who started working Dubs games in 1991 as the stats technical coordinator.

"The reason I was under the basket at the end of the quarter is the NBA has a rule that if there's a made basket within the last few seconds of the quarter, that that is to be reviewed," Young said. "And as the technician who's in charge of the video replay, I would make sure that the officials' monitor was working, and that they were able to look at the replay and come to the correct conclusion."

Find out more about Young in the video player above.


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