Ex-Warrior Andre Iguodala laments not investing more money in Zoom

Ex-Warrior Andre Iguodala laments not investing more money in Zoom

If you're a regular in this space, you know that former Warriors forward Andre Iguodala is very well-entrenched in the world of Silicon Valley.

And if you're somebody who is sheltering-in-place because of the coronavirus pandemic -- which you are -- then you almost certainly are familiar with Zoom.

But did you know that the 2015 NBA Finals MVP has a financial stake in the video conferencing product?

As Bill Shea of The Athletic writes:

“Why didn’t I put in more money,” Iguodala lamented with a laugh. “That’s one of the few companies that became a household name, a staple name.”

Zoom has said it had 10 million daily free and paid users in December and that the health crisis skyrocketed that to more than 300 million in April -- a mixture of business, schools, government and individual users.

Iguodala, 36, didn’t disclose how much he invested in Zoom two years ago. He and his longtime business partner, Rudy Cline-Thomas, reportedly spend between $25,000 and $150,000 on such investments across a portfolio of more than 40 companies.

“All my investments are pretty standard in range and terms,” Iguodala said. “The earlier you invest, the less you invest because of the risk involved. As you get later, the checks get bigger.”

The three-time NBA champion wins seemingly in every facet of life.

He's extremely smart, forward-thinking and calculated.

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“When I bought the Warriors, I knew I had an opportunity to attract certain players who wanted to invest successfully in tech," Golden State owner Joe Lacob told Shea via email. "But the rules precluded me from providing those opportunities to players. Still do.

"But it is allowed for me to tell my players to be social and get to know all of the interesting people, founders and investors, that sit courtside at Warriors games. Andre has done a great job of that and more."

Ain't that the truth.

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Steph Curry jokes about why ex-Warrior Andre Iguodala finished big dunk

Steph Curry jokes about why ex-Warrior Andre Iguodala finished big dunk

Andre Iguodala had a very ...

... Andre-Iguodala-like performance in the Miami Heat's 112-106 win over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday.

The former Warriors forward registered six points (2-for-6 FG), eight rebounds, four assists, two blocks and one steal in 31 minutes.

With fewer than six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, he turned back the clock a little bit.

Steph Curry shared the highlight in an Instagram story, and included the perfect caption.

Curry -- the only unanimous MVP in NBA history -- and Iguodala -- the 2015 NBA Finals MVP -- are avid golfers, and even played a round together at Augusta National Golf Club (the site of the Masters) in February 2016.

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Iguodala became a golf fanatic shortly after he joined the Warriors in July 2013.

"I gotta give all the credit to (former Golden State assistant coach) Pete Myers," Iguodala said in March 2018. "Once I got here, I really wanted to learn how to play ... Pete Myers taught me how to hit a draw.

"And we would just go to the range and hit balls ... he kinda got me hooked and that was all she wrote."

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And one year later, he made one thing crystal clear.

Those were good times.

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Steve Kerr defends Warriors' Andrew Wiggins: 'He's a damn good player'

Steve Kerr defends Warriors' Andrew Wiggins: 'He's a damn good player'

When the Warriors acquired Andrew Wiggins at the NBA trade deadline in February, it was not a decision that universally was applauded. 

There still are people who disagree with Golden State's decision to acquire the No. 1 overall pick from the 2014 NBA Draft. But even those who are skeptical about Wiggins' future would admit that he played well in a Dubs uniform this season.

"I wasn't surprised at all about what we saw because I've coached against him," Steve Kerr said Wednesday on "The Bill Simmons Podcast." "The biggest thing for us was all about what you need today to win games. The game has changed so much and it's so hard to guard ... you gotta have size and versatility on the wings.

"Multiple-positional defenders who can guard their position, but also guard two or three other positions. Andrew has the size and athleticism to do exactly that. He was an excellent defender for us, and played really well offensively.

"He may not be an MVP candidate, but he's a damn good player. He fits right in with what we're trying to do."

Wiggins averaged 19.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists over 12 games with Golden State, while shooting nearly 46 percent overall and 34 percent from deep.

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Additionally, his 1.4 blocks and 1.3 steals per game both would be career highs over a full season.

With Steph Curry and Klay Thompson as teammates, Wiggins won't feel consistent heat to deliver big scoring outputs. Will there be times when the Warriors need him to step up and take over offensively? Yes.

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But overall, he's going to have the luxury of being able to take on a more comfortable role that suits his game.

"He just wants to play basketball and have fun, and have no pressure on him," former Warriors point guard Tim Hardaway said in June. "This is the team to be on to do that, and he's going to excel.

"He's going to be all right."

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