Iguodala responds to Trump's political claim about NBA

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The Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday boycotted their NBA playoff game to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake -- a 29-year-old Black man -- in Kenosha, Wisc., last Sunday.

President Donald Trump on Thursday said the NBA has "become like a political organization, and that’s not a good thing." Former Warriors forward Andre Iguodala later responded to Trump's comments.

“Well, when your people are being treated the way our people have been treated for hundreds of years, it’s not a political organization or a political agenda -- it’s a human organization, it’s a human agenda," Iguodala told CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday night. "And that’s where we stand on that.

“And that’s why it comes to a point in time where we might have to take a pause in the entertainment business to shed light upon these experiences that we’re witnessing through the technology -- and through the devices that are in one’s hands -- supposed to be part of the process of holding people accountable for their wrongful actions.”

Iguodala, who's in the NBA's Orlando bubble with the Miami Heat, obviously is correct. Racial equality and social justice shouldn't be things we have to fight for. They automatically should be pillars of every city and country. But unfortunately, we aren't there as a society.

So, it's awesome when the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are able to work together, and make announcements like the one they issued Friday morning:

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These are great steps and should lead to legitimate progress and change.

We should be thanking Iguodala -- who in February 2019 was elected First Vice President of the NBPA -- for all he does to try to make the world a better place.

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