Ex-Warrior Nick Young admits Kevin Durant would let media get to him

Ex-Warrior Nick Young admits Kevin Durant would let media get to him

In July 2017, the Warriors signed Nick Young to a one-year contract worth just under $5.2 million.

In 80 regular season games, he averaged 7.3 points and shot 37.7 percent from beyond the arc.

On Wednesday night, Swaggy P was a guest on 95.7 The Game and had the following exchange with Damon Bruce:

Bruce: "Did you get to know Kevin Durant well when he was here? What did you think of Kevin Durant? Was he easy to hang out with? Light-hearted guy or did he carry like a cloud over him at times?"

Young: "Ah nah. KD’s cool. You know, we came in together. We was the same draft and everything. So I've known him for a while. But he could get a little, get a little timid a little bit with the media, you know? He could let them get to him, get a little soft sometimes. But still, KD’s one of the best players ever."

Young didn't tell us anything we didn't already know, but it's still interesting to hear one of KD's former teammates acknowledge the media component.

And yes, the two-time NBA Finals MVP is one of the best to ever take the court.

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Lastly, Young definitely hasn't gotten over what happened between himself and new Warriors guard D'Angelo Russell in March 2016 when they were teammates on the Lakers.

"Can't be cool," he said. "There's no coming back from that."

Well OK then.

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NFL executive explains how Tom Brady is similar to Stephen Curry

NFL executive explains how Tom Brady is similar to Stephen Curry

Steph Curry and Tom Brady have each won multiple championships and multiple MVPs.

Steph Curry and Tom Brady both have deals with Under Armour.

Steph Curry and Tom Brady starred in their own docu-series on Facebook Watch (Stephen vs the Game, Tom vs Time).

And Steph Curry and Tom Brady are similar in a very specific way, as one NFL executive told Mike Sando of Bleacher Report:

“You can try to find something. Brady is like Steph Curry. The first quarter might look like crap, but you’d better have a big lead because when it comes to nut-cutting time, he is going to make it happen.”

Translation -- they are terrifying to the opposition and you can't ever count them out.

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Curry has been doubted his entire life and loves when people say he can't do something. Nobody thought he would change the game of basketball forever.

Brady entered the NFL as a sixth-round draft pick and nothing was guaranteed. Nobody thought he would become the greatest quarterback ever.

Sports are cool.

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Warriors Profile: First round pick Jordan Poole


Warriors Profile: First round pick Jordan Poole

The Golden State showed faith in Jordan Poole last month, drafting him 28th overall in the 2019 NBA draft. 

Poole has all the tools to be a rotation player, but the same question the followed him throughout his college career: Can he put it all together?

For now, take a look at Poole's latest player profile. 

Contract: 2 year / $4,028,040 (with options for the 2021-22, 2022-23 seasons. 

Last season: Poole averaged 12.8 points per game during his sophomore season at Michigan. The 20-year old displayed an effective scoring ability, finishing with 15 or more points in 16 games, including a 26 point performance in a win over South Carolina. Additionally, he shot 37 percent from 3-point range, averaging two 3-pointers per game. 

Still, some observers were surprised when Poole declared for the 2019 NBA draft and curious when the projected second-rounder was selected with the 28th pick.  While the guard showed promise as a scorer, his defense lagged, often getting caught on screens and surrendering backdoor passes. 

Outlook: With Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston and Kevin Durant gone, Warriors coach Steve Kerr will prioritize a youth movement to help offset the mileage of Draymond Green, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, opening the door for Poole to get an opportunity. 

In Vegas Summer League, Poole showed promise towards that goal, averaging 17.8 points, including a 12-point performance against Denver, helping Golden State overcome a 17-point deficit to beat the Nuggets 73-69 in their final preliminary round game.

Poole also showed an ability to make plays, throwing a variety of behind-the-back passes, often getting teammates involved in the offense. If Poole can continue his upward offensive trajectory, he can compete for minutes on the floor.