Marreese Speights had the best year of his NBA career in 2014-15.

The big man averaged 10.4 points in just 15.9 minutes off the bench for coach Steve Kerr and the Warriors, and did so on a very efficient 49.2 percent clip from the field.

In the process, "Mo Buckets" was born. Who exactly is responsible for bringing that nickname into the world?

"It was Coach (Bruce) Fraser and my old teammate Brandon Rush," Speights recently told Alex Kennedy on the "HoopsHype" podcast. "They the ones that made that. Brandon Rush kind of started it. One game, I got in and I scored like 12 (points) or something in three or four or five minutes, and he was like 'Damn, Mo Buckets.'

"And then once he said that, everybody caught on. And then it just went crazy man. It's crazy how big that got. And it still is big. A lot of people when they see me, they call me that. They don't really know my name sometimes, especially younger guys.

"That definitely was a name that stuck out there."

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That absolutely is true. Dub Nation loved it some "Mo Buckets."


After a third season with the Warriors in 2015-16, Speights signed with the Los Angeles Clippers in free agency.

In case you missed it last week -- the following excerpt from Ethan Strauss' new book "The Victory Machine" involves "Mo Buckets" and former Warriors superstar Kevin Durant:

"You did not have to be a star or rising star to draw KD's envious ire. When former Warriors bench scorer Marreese Speights returned to Oracle Arena, he got a hearty ovation from the crowd. "Mo Buckets" had been a fan favorite, in part due to his tremendous shooting streaks and also due to the broad smile he beamed when riding a wave. He wasn't a flawless player but his enthusiasm was infectious and the fans were nostalgic for it.

KD, who once complained to a Warriors fan account over Twitter Direct Message that Speights was among the players more accepted by Warriors fans than he, was not pleased.

After the blowout win that followed, as he waited to take the podium stage, Durant was fixated on a TV that hung from the wall. Speights was with the local TV guys, yukking it up. "Mo Buckets," Durant loudly groused, shaking his head. "How can you call yourself 'Mo Buckets' when you never averaged twenty points a game?"

It sounds like Bruce Fraser and Brandon Rush have some explaining to do.

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